Group 439

Puzzle 1

Announcing or proclaiming, e.g. arrival of angels
With traditional values
Units for computer storage space GBs
Award category won by DiCaprio at 2016 Oscars
Place for parents to sit while at the playground
Furry bird-like toy that pops out of an egg
Alarming distressing
Tender, juicy, and tasty type of plant
Expensive and sumptuous
Construction vehicle for moving and unloading soil
Ejection from a group or club

Puzzle 2

Paul Simon album of 1986 Elvis’s museum home
Above more than is required
Act on someone’s behalf
Distressing, upsetting
Director of the thriller film Psycho
Common name of brass-colored mineral pyrite
Affection from young canine
Singing and drinking and having fun
Technical equipment needed for a specific activity
Tennis penalty for encroaching on serve

Puzzle 3

Tosses a ball
Old name for Mumbai
City where West End is akin to NYC’s Broadway
An informer
Triangular Indian spicy snack
Pure or clean according to Jewish law
Set amount of money designated for a project
Greek goddess of wisdom, symbolized by an owl
Stage name of musician & DJ, Norman Cook Slim
Move troops into position
Whichever person
Not a hat, but a very hot chili pepper Scotch
Insect that swarms and eats

Puzzle 4

Sensible based on facts, not emotions
U.S. currency bills
Second person in a plane’s cockpit
Easy like Sunday , sang the Commodores
Suitcases, luggage
Comments, analysis
Video recorder positioned by a car’s front window
Kicking the legs out like a horse
Pre-Christian faith
Oval-shaped nuts that can be coated in sugar
It can help to heal dry lips
Combat specialist in a tribe
Fire lighters
Someone up for an award
Generally speaking, on the whole
Measure of loudness

Puzzle 5

Leaves hurriedly and secretly to avoid capture
Never Dies, Sheryl Crow sang this Bond theme
A shaped piece of metal used as a pattern
Came into bloom
Historical hatred or ill-feeling
To ride a sailboard fitted with a moveable sail
Moves forward, like an army
Singeing, scorching
Caution someone in advance
Checks over, examines
Natural rays streaming from above