Group 437

Puzzle 1

This insect can spread malaria
Monica , famous White House intern
Trial of pulling strength with two teams and rope
stars rating system for fine-dining eateries
Cause baby you’re a , sings Katy Perry
A reserve of funds used for fighting a battle
On the outside
Sayonara how you say goodbye in this language
Tiger 1982 hit for Survivor
Schooled, taught
Unconventional protagonist
Get ready for a kiss

Puzzle 2

Touted, sold illegally
Skulking, keeping out of view
Dish-shaped receptacle for smokers
Difficult to track down
Asked to be a guest
The religious have these, aka convictions
Early rock music with guitars and washboard
Condemn to servitude
Nibbling grass on a pasture
Aircraft with two sets of stacked wings
Stupendous, awesome

Puzzle 3

Pretend or practice evacuation
Little-known competitor who is victorious
Wednesday in Spanish
Game of X’s and O’s
Puts into print
Michael Myers horror film franchise
Spaghetti sauce with minced meat, from Italy
The black sphere in a billiards game
Opening something with a key
Fans of the king or queen’s family
Layout of living space
Unwelcome house pest
Freshwater ship

Puzzle 4

Without shoes
Large retail store selling a wide variety of goods
Meddled with, played around with
Copied, mirrored
Describes movement of vultures seeking out prey
Principles of right and wrong ethics, scruples
Satisfying or appealing
Slim , not much to choose from
Sweater with long sleeves & buttons on the front
The quality of being poisonous
The Saga Kristen Stewart vampire series
Unable to leave home because of winter weather
TV programme with guest interviews and chat topics
Combing, tidying hair
Argentinian football legend Diego
Slow cooked little cuts of pork, Mexican style

Puzzle 5

Late night host who loves car, distinct chin
Could be done in the sun or the tub
Gruesome , pair of monsters in Wacky Races
One on the periodic table
Gwen , lead singer with No Doubt
Country directly to the north of Estonia
Taxonomic group beneath genus
An ill-fated 1912 voyage took place on this ship
Actor cast as Wolverine in nine films Hugh
Glued, stuck
Ship’s captain