Group 435

Puzzle 1

Savage, fierce
the Great rode upon his self-tamed Bucephalus
Maintain a safe distance
Sparkling wine used to celebrate
Gets the better of someone
The reality TV show, first aired on MTV in ’92
A skilled user of prose
Warning of flames
Both an arid Mexican State and a tiny dog breed
roasting on an open fire Christmas lyrics

Puzzle 2

Setting or situation, especially in literature
Highest point on a house or building
Head supports in bed
room where you sit until the doctor is ready
Educator, one who informs others for learning
General Decimus Meridius or the Gladiator
Percussion discs that form part of a drum kit
The original sporting games were held here
Capital and largest city of Nova Scotia
Shabby and untidy or dirty

Puzzle 3

Containers for children’s playthings
Scorn, disdain, disrespect
Scooping out mud from a river
The action or process of sticking to a surface
Dress code for a formal, evening event
Squeeze, flatten
John played Danny Zuko in Grease
Small talk, casual conversation
Associated with former times
Menu of grape-based alcoholic beverages
Sounds made by a bell, or a fiery argument

Puzzle 4

Tequila cocktail with lime juice
Walkway to a ship pirates forced foes to walk it
Grouped, bunched together
Energy expended while at rest BMR Basal Rate
Researcher who developed polio vaccine in 1953
A person who designs buildings
Captivated, enthralled
Clear, exonerate
Haikus have 17 of these
Magical 2005 rom com starring Nicole Kidman
Unopposed shot awarded after basketball foul
Bad wicked through and through
Robustness, toughness, resilience
Mountainous location of the Reichenbach Falls

Puzzle 5

Large woolen garment with a slit for the head
Keys sings about New York with Jay-Z
Four score
Playful, friendly exchange of teasing remarks
Make up something, create something new
Feeling of sickness, especially when pregnant
rare semi-cooked request for steak dish
Helena Carter, plays Bellatrix on Harry Potter
Charles Dickens’ workhouse boy
teeth usually come out from ages 17 to 20