Group 429

Puzzle 1

Beverage you get at Starbucks
Card shown by a referee when booking a footballer
Tall and lanky
Howard billionaire played by DiCaprio in 2004
Cat with black spot native to Central & S. America
of Fear, the last of the Sherlock Holmes novels
Extracting coal and ores, say, from the ground
Minister ranked below a Christian priest
Donna , queen of 70s disco
Lets, permits
Beer maker

Puzzle 2

Adding color to walls with a brush or roller
Alternative plan when all else fails
ABBA song about Napoleon
Term for the crime of killing a king
Instructional meeting
Sweet green melon
Live From New York It’s Night!
Interfering individual
Phnom Penh is the capital of this nation
Provide a person with a reason for action

Puzzle 3

Small tests of general knowledge
Join in
An outing where you do not stay overnight
Gripping tongs for delivering babies
Suppose that something is true without evidence
Song by the Beatles Rigby
Winter statues of frozen water
Temporary, provisional
Dents on a golf ball or on a person’s cheeks
Stinging, burning insect that marches
Vestal guarded sacred fire at Vesta’s shrine

Puzzle 4

Protected planting area in a garden
In the manner of a male sibling
Ladies’ jeans style with a relaxed fit
Card game, also known as twenty-one
Limited time offer for cheap drinks
Someone who fights in a private army for money
The person to whom a letter is sent
Capable of adjusting to new conditions
Rock where John Lennon and Yoko Ono married
This band sings Hotel California

Puzzle 5

Steep plunge downwards by an aircraft
Ingrid Bergman’s character in Casablanca
To be filled with a deep, reverberating sound
Place in a house for children’s toys and games
Lively, spirited
Not straight
Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelp’s sport
One who lives in a rural community
Lands ruled by male royalty
Taking off the top layer of paint with a tool
False optical orb
Cyclist’s path