Group 427

Puzzle 1

Island off the Massachusetts coast near Cape Cod
Film with Kevin Costner protecting Whitney Houston
Has the opposite outcome to what was intended
City where the band known as ABBA originated
A large-scale natural disaster
Stem from, derive from
Small white arthropods found in rock pools
Ancient Egyptian queen
Solidifying, becoming tougher
drive (4WD) are vehicles for rugged terrains
Food elements vital for good health

Puzzle 2

Generating a mass of bubbles at the mouth
Coiffure slicking product
Diaries, TV show based on LJ Smith’s novels
Socialize, mingle, schmooze
Warm up the oven
Fast-flowing stream
They’re used for steeping leafy beverages
Hire an aircraft for a particular trip
Cars, love song by Snow Patrol
Bacterial infection sometimes known as lockjaw
More resilient, stronger
Official who investigates suspicious deaths
Legendary winged horse born from Medusa’s blood

Puzzle 3

City where Mozart lived most of his life
TV bloopers
A novel by Charles Dickens Nicholas
Small hole in a tire
and Broomsticks 1971 Disney fantasy film
Leaned back
Mixed up the cards
The most exhausted
Where children store their sandwiches for school
Keeping out of view, waiting for drama to pass
Clean and hygienic

Puzzle 4

Famous Christmas carol Hark the Angels Sing
Brazilian town of shacks, very poor residents
GPS tech company based in Switzerland
Second thoughts, feelings of doubt
Doggy , swimming stroke for canines and babies
Smooches the XXXs at the bottom of a love letter
Both India and Bangladesh share this river’s delta
Renaissance, artistic flowering in 20s New York
Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman were from here

Puzzle 5

Radical group that devised the Reign of Terror
Music sung by a man under his lover’s window
A break in a bone
Illegally impeding the path of offensive players
Making clothes from wool using long needles
Parallel lines on a map represent this
Thought up a notion
Raised wooden platform for workers
Facial decoration applied ahead of entering battle
Benedict Arnold did this when he turned traitor
Beach TV show starring David Hasselhoff
Religious travellers
In the style of a work by Bizet, such as Carmen
Working from a distance, not in the office
Label indicating how much a garment costs
Italian word for feud where revenge is sought