Group 426

Puzzle 1

Long backless seats
Chemistry and biology fall under this subject
Telephone number set up for emergency use
Shoulder blade
The Walking Dead is overrun with these creatures
Hold something dear
Sagrada , Catholic church in Barcelona
Shiraz, Merlot or Malbec, for example
Band known for Stayin’ Alive
Famous and respected
San , geological fault that covers California

Puzzle 2

Extravagant, lavish, excessive
Width of a plane or of a bird
Non-alcoholic mixed drink
Owned up to, claimed guilt
Having a high temperature
To water crops
Anchorman The Legend of Ron with Will Ferrell
Your daughter’s boy
Blinding headache
Botox is used to smooth in the face
In tennis, after a 6-6 score, comes this

Puzzle 3

Ingrid Bergman & Greta Garbo were born here
Hit, impacted
agent, spy working for two opposing sides
Nick , British novelist of About a Boy
Adam Levine’s band, 5
Not formal
Rat or mouse
Dutch beer brand named after the Dutch capital
African religion practiced in New Orleans
Graf, former German tennis champ with 22 titles
Articulate, eloquent
Away from the path

Puzzle 4

Cracked or snapped
Damage done to property
The process of growth or increase
Soaking up
Tidal mouths of large rivers
Suddenly shoot up high, e.g. prices
Instrument played by Bill Clinton
A flight of steps
Dreadful, shocking

Puzzle 5

Selfless concern for the well-being of others
Foo , Seattle rock band, members from Nirvana
Capital of South Australia
Lazy, slothful
Spice found in many pumpkin desserts
Make up for compensate for wasted years
Carved in stone
Commonly delivered off-speed pitch in baseball
Feral feline