Group 423

Puzzle 1

Substance that slows down a chemical reaction
Access the Internet here while sipping coffee
Small bite-sized French cake eaten with coffee
What flows through royal veins
What a bicycle rests on
Sherlock’s role that involves workers and a queen
A performance of a piece of music or drama
The direction in which the hands of time move
US state where Baton Rouge is located
Lasting, remaining, clinging on
Requires one to do their duty

Puzzle 2

The tendon connecting the calf to the heel
This veggie is known as an aubergine in the UK
Designated a task
Horoscope arachnid creature
Metal cuffs applied to prisoners’ wrists, ankles
One who interrupts a sports event by running nude
Did everything the law required
Returned to the original status
Inventor of the first motorcar
Hanging loosely

Puzzle 3

The Connection, Hackman drove a Pontiac Le Mans
Sea where the Greek island of Santorini is located
The Girls comedy about elderly house-sharers
A string of them is worn around the neck
Floppy-eared hopper
Employing, giving work to
Revoke a law
Four in Portuguese
Tall cupcake, perhaps blueberry or chocolate
The American version of the Sindy doll
Museum housing Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Puzzle 4

Place to pick up old car parts
Reaching a place
Embarrassing mistakes
Popeye’s significant other
Said the same thing more than once
Relationship with a huge age gap May – romance
Able to perceive or feel things
French couturier designed Meghan Markle’s dress
Scale to measure wind speed
Number of breakaway American colonies
Musical genre to which The Sex Pistols belong
A weight hung from a fixed point that swings

Puzzle 5

Divergent actor Zoe’s famous singer dad, Lenny
Striking something or someone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of
Rick , Ghostbusters, Spaceballs actor
Observer, bystander, onlooker
New York baseball team
Speed up, accelerate
Something to say when leaving
Morally sound
Curly or flat-leaf herb used as a garnish
Auguste , Ratatouille’s talented masterchef
Small perfumed bags used to scent clothes
The most savage animal, the least tame