Group 422

Puzzle 1

Pierced with a long, pointed weapon
Rabat serves as this N. African country’s capital
Whale spear
How most UK monarchs are now addressed Your
Merriam- publisher of dictionaries since 1831
Custom-made shells that improve the look of teeth
Supervise, preside over
Waterfall shared by the US and Canada
Four-piece orchestra
Cut or shortened, like a photograph

Puzzle 2

foul violent personal violation in basketball
Sudden electronic bugs or faults
Changing direction quickly to avoid an accident
Edited (text) for publication
Type of restaurant most likely to serve sushi
Someone who doesn’t belong, a stranger
70’s pop music with outrageous make-up and clothes
Throwing out, dumping
Sowing a seed or an idea
Emits a loud noise
Rocky’s species on Rocky and Bullwinkle
Capital of Sierra Leone
City of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
It means t-shirt in Spanish

Puzzle 3

Relating to the stomach or mid-section of the body
Institutions where books are held
Jack of someone who can master anything
Lake used as a source of water supply
Tool for hand-washing clothes, turned percussion
Popular pasta usually topped with red sauce
Cold, frothy dairy drink
Gerard , French actor of Cyrano de Bergerac
Made an incorrect assumption
Decorative stationery for sending by post
Grumpiness, sourness

Puzzle 4

Macron, became president of France in 2017
Fenced in included in a letter
Starred opposite DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can
First Beatles hit in 1962
1815 Belgian battle in which Napoleon is defeated
Romeo , one of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers
Beating eggs until they become light and fluffy
Studied tested
Divorced royal couple Prince Andrew and Sarah
Small country houses
Battle equine

Puzzle 5

Talk rapidly and without making sense
Undercover, clandestine, hush-hush
Unfasten, separate
The month after July
Dumpty, nursery rhyme character was broken
Madagascar 2 Africa is a 2008 cartoon
Dolly , singer and Dollywood theme park owner
Milk container made of cardboard
Nationality of a native of Warsaw or Gdansk
On a ship
Most decorated Olympian of all time