Group 421

Puzzle 1

Outspoken non-conformist
Plates, glassware, cutlery etc
Rendered immaculate
Someone who lies out absorbing the solar rays
Gaulle, French airport and general
1950s skiffle group created by John Lennon
Solo speech
Viral children’s song about a fish family
Limited product beer maker
Car maker with Defender and Freelander models

Puzzle 2

Tiny reservoir for creatures that swim
What the abbreviation EU stands for Union
Boringness, dullness, triteness
Religion based on Siddhartha Gautama’s teachings
Wedge or heavy object keeps a portal open
Russian leader who signed SALT II
Catastrophic failures or fiascos
Funeral attendees
The crew keep stores free of dirt
Selling like flying off the shelves
Promotional booklet used to announce an event

Puzzle 3

The Magus who brought frankincense
Catherine 16th-century powerful French queen
Those up for an award
Deception, deceit, sleight of hand
Lane where the Desperate Housewives reside
Telling the waitress what you would like to eat
Sauce for a croque-monsieur
Keep information to yourself
Capital city of Australia
Mary Poppins advises a of sugar
Ricky Martin’s Latin pop anthem, Livin’ la

Puzzle 4

Drivers take turns driving each other to work
Person whom police believe committed a crime
Avian Batman nemesis Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Armistice of Mudros, in 1918, ended this empire
Criminally dishonest or immoral
Bell, Sousa tune adopted by Monty Python
Green headwear with a buckle, worn by leprechauns
Revive, reanimate, reenergize
Less full
Talkative birds

Puzzle 5

Stuns, amazes
Bugs Bunny always had one of these to eat
Excessive pride or self-confidence
practice, improving shooting by repetition
Dorothy’s home state in The Wizard of Oz
Saul rock guitarist better known as Slash
Vin , he played Dom in The Fast and the Furious
Self- how one feels about oneself
Musician and first son of John Lennon
Making noises like a pigeon – or a baby
Boy or Robin, Batman’s faithful sidekick