Group 120

Puzzle 1

Software errors in games not caught by creators
If you the sixties, you weren’t there
Flying , a legendary ghost ship
A religion popular in India and Nepal
Male horse, uncastrated, used for breeding
First European explorer to cross the Pacific
Feeling of regarding anything with disdain
Virtual band that released the hit Clint Eastwood
Kingdom in SE Asia, capital is Phnom Penh
Place with no light used to develop photographs
They sell plants
North African dish named twice

Puzzle 2

Pocahontas, 1995 Disney American film
Nut of a tree, usually English or Persian
Country with Athens and mythological gods
Floaters are spots in your vision
This Saturn moon has a retrograde orbit
Online searching tool
Metal slug in a gun
Down the Hole, Alice in Wonderland metaphor
First name of American President with ivory teeth
An average person spends 6 at red lights
A person with white hair and pink iris
To physically make something, art, music
Arabic noble title strength
Straw hat with a flat top
Subatomic particle with positive charge
retriever, well known for its beautiful coat
Large spade used for moving dirt

Puzzle 3

Mesa is a land with steep walls and a flat top
Identical and twins
Electronic devices that changed the world
Sweetener added to drinks as a sugar substitute
Action films include the Indiana Jones franchise
Diuretics is a type of for heart problems
Rodents living in rivers UK showbiz charity
Prim shocked by rudeness and bad behaviour
Fiery feeling in the chest gastric reflux
Charlie Brown’s avian pal, music festival
Worn beneath pants
Where the German WWI fleet was scuttled in 1919
The cat who says sufferin’ succotash a lot

Puzzle 4

The one who shouldn’t be shot
Popular US fruit juice brand
Flight , videogame about flying aircrafts
Lanky, canine rapper known for love of weed
Robbery involving bank employees
Type of ride in an amusement park using cars
During this time
Not a vowel
is the belief in an existence post-death
A bank balance that is below zero
A person’s anatomy schedule aka circadian rhythm
The Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas
Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Puzzle 5

Referring to the written work on a web page
Shiver me ! , pirate cry of disbelief
Attracted with something desirable
Projectiles fired from a gun
Minister of Foreign
Aerial scavenger of the dead, carcass eater
Body or organ wasting away from damage
A great distance, long way off, remote area
Legal dissolve of a marriage
French sweet meringue-based confectionery
Mildly perfumed toilet water
When this is full, find a bathroom quickly
Anagram of trestle
Notable family of politicians hit by tragic events
Biblical giant killed by David’s slingshot
Yellow flower used in tea and perfume
Skilled gymnast in a circus, tightrope
Sport of shooting bow and arrows
Tea brand and former supermarket chain
Nazi secret police
Anorexia , eating disorder