Group 117

Puzzle 1

Rod with notches to indicate depth
Single track railway, Disney has one
Skin tumor, often the result of sun exposure
Politician’s reversal beach footwear
First screen with top level choices
Headache disorder that can be recurrent
Animal activist, acting legend of Pillow Talk
Nickname of British soldiers in Revolutionary War
Throwing three or more things at a time
Ray , US fantasy and sci-fi author
Country that celebrates the New Year April 13-15

Puzzle 2

bobbidi boo , by Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother
Make a movie with drawings, cartoons
To seize, garner to catch
Removed adhesive
Father of your mom or dad
Aloft means above the rigging of a ship
Software or app allows users to surf the Internet
The Wealth of , Adam Smith book
Authorization to arrest, detain someone
Memory is your to retrieve information

Puzzle 3

Animals that neigh
Wine , bucket for keeping bottles at temperature
Decorative border with loose hanging strips
TV show on a serial killer who kills counterparts
Hand , keeps the hands moist, hydrated
To cause physical harm to something
Katy Perry did this to a girl and enjoyed herself
Inhale and
Medium-sized cat found in South America
Chest pain caused by low oxygen to the heart
Small boats for paddling, like kayaks
A receptacle having a narrow neck

Puzzle 4

Welsh , cheese on toast with a twist
To share a message on Twitter
Highest registered instrument in the brass family
Bartholomew Roberts’ pirate ship
Full of feelings of jealousy
TV channel that focuses on the past
Well known African country, capital Mogadishu
Kitchen scraping implements
Abnormal reaction of the body to a substance
Fruit you will madly fall in love with
Astronomy is watching the sky
pin, utensil used for flattening dough
Buying something back that you sold
Nike is the Greek goddess of

Puzzle 5

When the bottom teeth close over the top teeth
Many endemic species live in these Ecuador islands
Large house in the city joined to others
Used by wizards and Harry Potter to make spells
System of organs for food in and out of a body
Occasion to wear strings of beads in New Orleans
Bush with yellow flowers from early spring
Prevented something from taking place
Penultimate station for a baseball runner
Fructose occurs in fruits