Group 114

Puzzle 1

Once known as love apple
Martial art from Japan with many variations
German fairy tale, and Gretel
Castro’s home, was Spanish colonial headquarters
Footballer turned movie star, Jones
Genre of low-tempo Latin music
Natural, sweet additives
Oral communication, expressing through talking
Fourth state of matter, type of TV
The Lion in , Anthony Hopkins film debut
Item in a car to see behind you
The , band of Sumner, Copeland and Summers

Puzzle 2

A collector of fares in a public conveyance
Mix together while cooking, eggs
The board behind the basket
Having a favorable opinion of one’s abilities
Separates solids from grease in an engine
A hidden design exposed when held up to the light
Someone you went to school with
US has no relations with this Middle East state
Meet the , 2007 film with Tom Selleck
Queen Victoria’s great great grand-daughter

Puzzle 3

Fearsome, intimidating, alarming, frightening
Loose fitting pants that inspired a NYC team name
Jesus’ twelve disciples
Escape from is a survival board game
Romantic sitcom based on a cruise ship
Social conflict between police and criminals
Tuscan city, birthplace of Renaissance
East Asian language has 125 million speakers
Cancer of the blood, bone marrow
A person who reports and conducts interviews
Small lagoon of seawater left rocks after a swell
So easy, like candy from a baby
Anthony , traveling TV host, celebrity chef

Puzzle 4

Guess the number or color in this casino game
A heavy-duty tape has high levels of
Lion tamer, Indiana Jones favorite tool
The brightness of a photography location
Manta rays have -shaped fins
Sitting with bent legs, as if praying
Negotiating the price
Inglourious , WWII movie directed by Tarantino
Taking small bites
Equine looking ocean creature
Place hands on ten and two on this wheel

Puzzle 5

Hagar the , comic about Viking man
Negatively charged subatomic particle
A statement saying something is not true
Genre of Oscar winners The Unforgiven and Cimarron
Letting foods soak in liquid overnight
Opening or crack through which to sneakily look
Business networking website with personal profiles
Gaming conventions new games
Animal with long nose known for eating ants
The Slag , caveman Wacky Races male siblings
ONE , non-profit combating extreme poverty
The list with passengers’ names in a flight