Group 113

Puzzle 1

American gangster during the Prohibition
Summaries, outlines
Concentrated melaninized cells, ephelides
It has the most Rolls Royces per capita
Itchy & , cat and mouse role-reversal cartoon
Massive monster with strength and powers
Charles invented vulcanized rubber
Airline that operates the longest non-stop flight
Capable of being warehoused
Another word for a spring onion or shallot

Puzzle 2

What does it all mean, this study will explain
Dogs apt to draw sleds
They harvest the ocean
de Paris, account of Quasimodo and Esmeralda
People who travel to work in the city
Wet weather measuring device
Transatlantic ocean liner between 1936 and 1967
case, casing containing a charge or bullet
Container for taking home leftover food
Josie & the , cartoon about a girl-band
To observe a holiday or special occasion

Puzzle 3

Not on the Internet or connected
Attack an enemy with artillery fire
Animal known for its large claws and great taste
Lord of the Rings, Frodo
Thai capital, setting for second Hangover movie
Decorated, beautified
To crush with snapping noises
Woman or girl who acts in a play or movie
Rubber suction cup used to clear blocked pipes
Tube that lets you breathe
Archbishop Tutu, won the Peace prize in 1984

Puzzle 4

Late night host who loves car, distinct chin
As flat as a
Yerevan is capital of this country
Pulses known as lenticchie in Italian cuisine
Type of fish known for its long whiskers
A baking container often used on birthdays
Capacity, aptitude, competence, faculty
Easter search for candies and chocolates
Highest-pitched instrument in an orchestra
To run a ship onto the beach or on land
Type of food, with filling wrapped in a tortilla
Leisure trips by ship

Puzzle 5

Reaction of the skin, itchy, swollen, scaling
90s popular haircut named after a sitcom character
Use a square one for a square hole
Phantasms, haunts, apparicions
Unit of liquid measurement, of milk
13, drama about the abortion of a lunar mission
Something that can be purposeful
Religious buildings where monks live
In driving, the S in ABS
Long sticks some circus performers walk on
Three- toads are good luck in Asian cultures