Group 112

Puzzle 1

Language used for all international transactions
The two types of elephants Asian and
Colorado, Utah, , and New Mexico Four Corners
One of the organs that processes the food you eat
Whales and dolphins are
The production of artistic or crafty objects
Flakey small bread eaten with gravy
Argo, Pearl Harbor, and Batman actor, Ben
High torque, slow speed vehicle
Bernini sculpted the of Saint Teresa
Savory levy repealed during the French Revolution
Principled, virtuous

Puzzle 2

To give responsibilities to someone
1995 Past, Present and Future album for MJ
Sea creature that Dalí put on a telephone
Sovereign ruler of an empire, a monarch
African river explored by David Livingstone
Natural substance that is found in food
Permanent coverings at the North and South Pole
Opposite of backward
People who shoot with a bow and arrow
Whitney I Will Always Love You singer
Court venue of King Arthur
Singer Tom Jones’ signature song It’s Not

Puzzle 3

Philanthropist and founder of Microsoft
Butterfly still in its hard case
2006 400th birthday of the Dutch painter
All sound Japanese electronics brand
Career where one enlists others for careers
The first meal of the day
Cartoon who lives in a pineapple under the sea
World’s largest island, cold and misnamed probably
Evening garment for women worn around the house
Jewish minor prophet his Book follows Habakkuk
Cleanliness is next to it
German girl known best for her courageous diary
The smallest kind of blood vessel
A4 hard surface with metal peg to hold paper
Orderly historical written account
Starter aka hors d’oeuvre
Form of greeting, can be firm or light
Time when all the troubles seemed so far away
Seemingly invisible resembling a phantom
1979 Ivan Reitman comedy starring Bill Murray

Puzzle 4

Ninja turtle Michelangelo’s weapon of choice
Container for waste
Latin phrase for when someone admits an error
Traditional Christmas spice made from bark
Type of disease that spreads around the world
Tight-fitting stretch pants
Came by it
World-weariness, scoffing
Durable roadway surface, usually grey
Separated from other persons or things
Sea animal that looks like a star

Puzzle 5

Possibility of harm or injury, risk, trouble
Ringed planet US car model
Wide-legged trousers of the 1970s
Main character of The Jungle Book, Disney film
Test by a surgeon on a sample of tissue
Ancient city, Turkey’s capital
Cheese popular with kids can be peeled apart
Cloak and stories of intrigue
Taken without permission, robbed
To help someone do something
Spider’s masterpiece, hate to walk into them