Group 111

Puzzle 1

Wall separated capitalism and communism in Europe
Whitaker, The Shield actor
Shakespearean character anagram of no bore
The offspring of cows
A deciding used to make a decision
The most unusual
Bulldog is a cross between types of Bulldogs
Discoloured marks left by sweat or wine, say
Snow or water
Requesting or enquiring

Puzzle 2

An idiophone hand percussion instrument
A person trained in or skilled in gymnastics
A central part in which other parts are grouped
Candy cane coral have red and white
State in Europe, capital is Zagreb
Someone who gives shapes to objects
Singer like Crosby or Sinatra
The April ones bring forth May flowers
Miss Daisy, won the Academy Awards in 1990
Female god
Most common stone for engagement rings
Where earrings attach
Initials representing a name, words

Puzzle 3

Science of examining the eyes
Dial 3 numbers for this medical emergency vehicle
Moving about, fidgeting constantly, like a worm
Brought from China to Europe in the 13th century
South American country about the size of India
Coffee chain store first opened in Seattle in 1971
Highest of the European Alps a pen brand
Long-bodied insect with two pairs of large wings
Religious symbol transmitting spiritual power
Place where water supply is kept
Yellow , animation with The Beatles
Open to several interpretations
Proponents of government by the many
Dishes, utensils, glasses, coasters, forks

Puzzle 4

Well-developed physique
Travels/discovers new territory
Country with several Mayan cities, such as Copan
Dismiss, pay no heed to
Filled with vengeance because of anger
Happy , world’s most popular song
Way of painting using an air spray nozzle
A very popular baked pastry in North America
Deep swimming flatfish Ariel’s yellow friend
Leftover, unused
Leafy salad vegetables
Anne , actress of The Devil Wears Prada
In business these come in receivables, payable
island, salad dressing of mayo, Worcester sauce
The kind of power that corrupts totally

Puzzle 5

Preferred fabric of bikers
Sport in which Mo Farah earned Olympic Gold medals
A Hitchcock film featuring Kim Novak
Small mammal with a lemur face, a suricate
Heavy material put on ships to give stability
Cut of meat from the breast of beef
Crouching to avoid a flying object
Old hand
Moving oddly, no dexterity, clumsy
Diurnal means it happens during
bulb, type of bright light using inert gas