Group 110

Puzzle 1

First year of high school or college
Wake of vapour left by a fast plane in flight
UN General
Sweet drink brand made from kola nuts
Volver, Vanilla Sky, and Blow actress, Cruz
The Jeep is a well known SUV model
Someone who resides in a place, hospital
Skeet , an Olympic event
A physical desire, especially for food
Nurse shark is a bottom shark

Puzzle 2

Paraguay and are landlocked in S. America
Language similar to Latin in terms of vocabulary
Google’s robotic mobile operating system
Extra amount over what is required
Spider-Man’s eight-armed enemy, Doctor
Square , military drill on a barrack square
Brand name bandages
Testosterone is the main male
Scrooge, in fact, was his creation
It goes saying
Dirty , Jennifer Grey plays loved-up Baby
Formal word for illness, discomfort
To walk or strut with defiant air
Green leafy veggie that makes you strong

Puzzle 3

Soap for washing clothes
Hay fever is another name for seasonal
Drawing quick, rough pictures
Ship that takes humanity back to Earth Battlestar
American Megafauna is a board game on
List of activities and the times they’ll be done
Breathes in, inhales
Latin word meaning the first inhabitants
Relating to your brother
Cider , bucolic joys of an English village
Highly detailed or involved
Elon Musk’s high speed tube transportation
Only major tennis tournament played on grass
Piece of cloth used to dry fingers and palms

Puzzle 4

Rings around the ankles or wrists joined by chains
Severe loss of intellectual abilities
Antonio , Spanish actor
Sings We’ll Meet Again at close of Dr Strangelove
PDF Document Format
Green liquor made from wormwood
Exchange of goods or services between businesses
It glues and holds two surfaces together
The main ore of iron
A penny for your
Following cultural norms conservative
Its storming is celebrated on July 14th

Puzzle 5

Blood vessel carries blood away from the heart
Five of Grief, aka Kubler Ross Model
Small, humanoid creatures that live underground
Small candy covered with chocolate
Pet , Beach Boy’s psychedelic effort
Dorothy’s home state in the Wizard of Oz
Computer key allows you to switch between modes
Tiny pieces of land surrounded by water
Gulf , current tied to the climate in Europe
Price, major toy brand a subsidiary of Mattel
Someone who authors
In Toy Story 2, Woody is by a toy collector
He is at the bottom of the feudal system
To become visible, come into sight