Group 108

Puzzle 1

Overseas, in a different country
God of the underworld for Egyptians
Garment covering for an arm
Instability in an area, leading to a drastic change
Meryl , actress
Out of , when a golf ball leaves the course
Can you tell me how to get to Street?
To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc
Half organic, half mechatronic being
Act of flying, trip on an airplane

Puzzle 2

Demigod son of Zeus
Seasonal rhinitis, usually in the late spring
Minke whale are the second whales
Called a hui in New Zealand
Popular conifer used for Christmas decoration
Cooked land snails popular in Western Europe
Winner of a contest, event, race
Soft layer of a bed
An item leaving an office, mail
Cruiser that sank named a series of movies
Patties coated in batter and fried

Puzzle 3

A Named Desire, movie with Marlon Brando
Solid frozen ball that can damage buildings
Study of the planets and the universe
Animation about a squirrel’s planned heist
In a certain way the longest month
1987 Bond film The Living
60s TV show about a modern housewife witch
Cud-chewing animals
Cord connecting an unborn baby to the placenta
People living in underwater homes
Sam Cooke’s soul classic, more than infatuation
Cocktail named after an island
The Beatles sang about living in a yellow one
Not high heels, comfortable female footwear
Foreign contract workers
Where Santa’s workshop is located
Syndrome that can affect kidnapped people
Process of learning and studying
Doubt is not the end of wisdom, but the
Separator used to make cubicles in office
Smashed to many bits
A type of aquatic flower found in lakes or ponds
A source of income, via a bequest or gift
The first O in COO

Puzzle 4

Sibling relationship between cities, City
When something is attractive, it has
Lightweight, loose-fitting shirt for women
No rest for the
Mila Kunis, actress, on That 70’s Show
Boneless cut of fish or meat
Container used to haul drinks and keep them chilled
The Book, 2016 movie
The cat is known for its hairless skin
Puts icing on a cake
Building holding those who break the law
Muscles in the upper arm, bulge when bent
This noble gas keeps balloons afloat
If you have children you are a
Achy Heart, Billy Ray’s one hit wonder

Puzzle 5

The Grass is , movie with Cary Grant
Device used to transfer images into a computer
Yves and Marilyn Monroe were in Let’s Make Love
Player going first in 4 can win 100% of the times
Something that can be healed
Study of human bodies by examining them
Another name for mandible
Jade-green pottery ware
Food that causes allergic reactions in many people
This type of cheese comes melted between toast