Group 107

Puzzle 1

Asian nation known for its tough stance on drugs
A very short skirt
Shouting out loud with fear
Make calls using this
Accessible, obtainable
Antony and , a Shakespeare’s tragedy
Someone you do combat against
Defense barriers
Parts of whole numbers
Skills, aptitudes
Act of abandoning the military

Puzzle 2

Someone who draws cartoons
Communication system, e.g. Yoruba
The Great , Chaplin’s satire of Hitler
Top part of a seat, behind the head
The strongest tendon in the body
English punk rock band led by Joe Strummer
Overhead window for natural illumination
US famous baseball player also known as The Bambino
Clothing accessory worn around the skull
storm, calm in the middle of tropical cyclone

Puzzle 3

Large waterbird with a long bill and throat
Person who confirms and certifies a death
Kept watch over a person or place
Government agency, protects borders
Dan Castellaneta voices Homer
Creamy buffalo mozzarella, very soft texture
Food, beverage decoration
To leave something out
Flying reindeer with crimson colored nose
Intentional, harmful or offensive contact
Unit of two or more squads
Friday in Spanish
Musical drama starring Minnelli as Sally Bowles
A major throwing sport and leisure activity
The top of a car that can be opened in summer
Group of travelers journeying together
Relies on
Female spirit of death in Irish mythology

Puzzle 4

To make possible to provide means or tools
Eddie , Donkey, Beverley Hills cop
Muddy , father of modern Chicago blues
Theodore Miller , inventor son of Thomas
Wild cat, chic, sporty roadster
As a rule, a Christmas time drink
Irresistible attraction
Noble born who is trained to fight
DreamWorks Chicken Run starred Mel
Player who distributes cards in a game
Ten plus ten equals

Puzzle 5

666 Park , TV show about a haunted building
Strip of cloth wrapped around a gift
Having to do with the mind
Items worn on the hands with places for fingers
Black birds found at the Tower of London
Volkswagen bug, not British rock band
Hopper painted Girl at Machine
Letters, numbers representing traded company
, fantasy creature, flies and breathes out fire
Colour of the Golden Gate Bridge
To look at something with pleasure, approval