Group 106

Puzzle 1

Digital Voice , used by journalists, students
Devices with a key and securable hoop
Place for practicing on hobbies
spree, the urge to buy anything you want
Soldier who uses a gun with a long barrel
Cyclophobia is the fear of
Board game to work out the identity of characters
Long coat made from waterproof fabric
Mentor to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato
Brand sued to prove they weren t potato chips
Southernmost point of the South American continent

Puzzle 2

Cher’s former partner in life and music
Jafar is Aladdin’s , villain in Disney movie
Chronic lung disease caused by inhaling dust
Give up something for Lent, forgo it
Devil, carnivorous Australian marsupial
Jamaican religion associated with long dreds
Foolishness, ignorance
This vegetable makes urine smelly
Building with bunk beds, sleeping quarters
Westerns include The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Artistic skill using fibres, such as corn dolls

Puzzle 3

I Dream of , fantasy sitcom of the 60’s
Beam, one of the Olympic gymnastic events
Four periods of yearly weather changes
sour, hard liquor mixed with lemon juice
Keel , punishment of being dragged under a ship
A room where young children can play
Street where the British Prime Minister lives
Automobile, car, truck, bus, SUV
Practices to keep your teeth healthy
Espionage film starring Redford and Pitt
Nemesis of Dalmatians everywhere
To feel embarrassed about something

Puzzle 4

Highly-magnetized rotating neutron star
Large marine mammal, Arctic waters, huge tusks
Squeeze in a narrow space
Most charming art nouveau tower
Viral infection carried by animals can be fatal
Country known for the Mayan Pyramids
Italian word for Italy
Space , David Bowie song
Largest division of a state in the US
Major language of Middle East and North Africa
Saltwater clam, valued for its meat and pearls
Reduction in wages
Group of cells that produce something, sweat

Puzzle 5

Country in Europe anagram of nice lad
Wrote the book The Prince, Machiavelli
Elastic fabric that expands
Horse stalls
Paris Saint , French team known by abbreviation
Another name for an oven or a furnace
A large metal drinking vessel that can be engraved
Edward hands, character played by Johnny Depp
Strong smelling gas, nitrogen and hydrogen
Stephen A , political debater with Abe Lincoln