Group 105

Puzzle 1

Language of Jesus, ancient Semitic language
Makeover Home Edition, home improvement TV show
Housing for gears
Mass of tissue on both sides of your throat
Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods
Grooves on the side of bowling lanes
Black road surface material
The game cried Holmes at the start of a case
It’s dangerous to skate on this
This medicine will at least make you feel good
Kiev is the capital of
Zod, Krypton warlord and Superman enemy

Puzzle 2

The interests of a university or college
Large walk-through area with mirrors in carnivals
Slip of paper to never lose place while reading
Area between Mars and Jupiter Belt
Southern tip of South America
Quality should be over it
Bailer is a device for water in the boat
Insects known for their chirping
line, series of factory workers and products
Miming game two words, a movie
Chefs hate it when steaks are ordered like this
Type of castles on high ground
Pulled a plant up from the ground
Force applied over an area of an object

Puzzle 3

Most widely spoken language in Mexico
Emperor , largest species and most unique
Rude and offensive
Activity, flying object with no motor, Hang
Athlete’s workplace
Resembling an apparition, characteristics of one
A chemical element and a song by Nirvana
Writer famous for the creation of Narnia
Box that is sent through the mail

Puzzle 4

Actor starred in Kung Fu Panda and Steve Jobs
Children’s science toy with moving axis
A kind of foster mother for seven short men
Stuffing made from fish, vegetables, etc
Someone who practices any type of science
They will happen
Lecherous, lubricious
Can keep insects, animals and water at distance
Large axe used in combat
Shot with medicine inside

Puzzle 5

Capital of Russia
Desire to purchase a product by the public
desk, console used to blend music for recording
Competitor of Android
Milky , cloudy common crystal structure
Type of stairs invented in 480 BC Sicily
Very short cannon, throws high angle shells
Vase maker
Band that wrote song about lodging in California
Protrusion of tissue through its surrounding walls
Presents, proposes
Exercise video game, compatible with balance board
Original high school musical with Danny and Sandy
These were thrown on the ground under Jesus/donkey
Watchers, most famous diet program