Group 103

Puzzle 1

Rumoured to guard the gates of Thebes
Practice what you
Soft item used to clean dishes
Himalayan, noted for mountaineering skills
Biblical beings, usually depicted with wings
Abbreviated form of a TV comedy
Bacteria are -celled microorganisms
Bird with deep forked tail, long pointed wings
A place of history, art and more
French soup usually made with tomato and seafood
Disney hit about tundra and sister’s love
Snow huts, snow houses
To aim for a goal, ambition
Origin of something, starting place

Puzzle 2

It is used for pain and to prevent blood clots
To decline to vote
Red, Green, and Yellow bell
Distress caused by the mind fear of danger
An official language in Spanish province Catalonia
Erosion is the eating away of a or area
The monster from Beowulf
Unconventional dancer killed by a scarf, Duncan
What the rotten apple does to its neighbours
on 34th Street, movie with Santa Claus
Dark, solid substance used for roads, pathways

Puzzle 3

Bat these little hairs when you like someone
Illumination found in front of a car
Another name usually used by authors
A due date is an date for a baby’s birth
Port Louis is the capital of
Beef or pork tips, usually the ends of ribs
Leaving an airport, setting off for a destination
Order, presidential decree, law without Congress
Strip of protected land that can’t be built on
Sword , circus act that’s hard to stomach

Puzzle 4

Bicycle riders
Boundaries in a sports field or court
Another term for a broken bone
Car safety device goes across chest, waist
What makes things perfect
Tiny Iberian nation once had a large empire
English name for Dutch port of Vlissingen
The precipitous front of a tide-water glacier
headache happens when eating frozen things
Razor, foldable razor used for men’s shaving
Opposite of positive

Puzzle 5

scales, electronics to weigh cake ingredients
Armament is the ship’s
Meringue dessert named for Russian ballerina
Pay received from retrospective date
To watch something doing something
Country that borders the Netherlands on the east
Currency of Guatemala named after native bird
Truth in Latin
Anion is a negatively ion
Is abundant, exists in large quantities
cheese and tomato soup
trees, Louisiana swamp trees with knees