Group 102

Puzzle 1

Antonym of static
Index term used to find information on Internet
Feeling of regret or guilt
Place where beer is made
Beatles tune allow to remain unchanged
The kind of house that against itself cannot stand
Creature which is part lion and part eagle
Walked down the aisle
Marathon participants
Legal rules based upon precedent
Spongebob’s best friend
Copenhagen is the capital of
Early farming walled city, near the River Jordan
Not real
Ancient Japanese military nobility, swordsmen

Puzzle 2

Insect with large pincers found on many continents
Babysitter from a different country
Labradoodle is a cross between a labrador and a
Guard on a car used to protect the front or rear
Underground passage for driving
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and
Spongy scrubber used to clean your body
Label given to gritty 90’s Seattle music
Ancient Greek famous for his geometry
Woman and her golden lasso
Residence of a king or queen
NYC’s largest borough
Company’s items of value buildings, equipment
Yearly, occurring once a year only
the Great, ruler famed for burning cakes
Star system with two stars orbiting each other
Regardless, in any case, nonetheless
Damage of any kind to the body

Puzzle 3

Ruled by all system started by the Greeks
French sauce made with butter, eggs and herbs
The Price is Right’s iconical host
Medic emergency vehicle
Organised property exchange for vacation
A Commonwealth and the largest country in Oceania
Skiing event includes aerials, moguls, halfpipe
Madama , opera by Giacomo Puccini
Outer space rock litter
World’s only island city state
Person enrolled or enlisted into military service

Puzzle 4

Long-serving editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics
TV series based on previous series
Air flowing through or past a car, plane
Spice in the mint family, used in Italian cooking
Large cat known for its speed and spots
Always the best policy
The back of a coin or banknote
Being against the law
To obtain
Tbilisi is the capital of

Puzzle 5

Detroit car brand started by GM
Gut parasite, humans infested by undercooked meat
Dave Band, album Crash owned the 90s
Japanese Army, World War II Asian force
Unfinished , 2015 Dave Franco movie
In baseball, MVP stands for Most Player
Round handle on a portal
These are sewn on to close a wound
Mountain involves moving up to high places
Classification of any field of knowledge
Alcohol loving butler in The Tempest
To contest through legal action
The is the model for Chinese Foo dogs
Free from mistakes, able to be in reporting