Group 101

Puzzle 1

Tobe directed supernatural horror Poltergeist
These are sung at Christmastime
Millennium , Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars
Two-toed mammals guilty of a deadly sin
Type of car used in funerals
State of being angry
Someone who rents land, house, office
Type of loose fitting men’s underwear
Child of your aunt or uncle
Known by many people for something
This computer key allows you to erase mistakes
Van Gogh painted The Eaters

Puzzle 2

Mark left by an animal’s foot
Worth a lot of money
Someone who makes it out alive
The person in charge of a gaming table
American weekly magazine on current events
Fear of in public is glossophobia
Greek Gods and Goddesses eat this
Fast car designed for a type of race
Roster, timetable
Driving above the limit
Acts in a theater play

Puzzle 3

To make free from blame or guilt or consequence
Eternal, lasting forever
Drawing intended as humorous animated film
Winning big prize in bingo, casino slot machine
General pardon for political offenses
Impede, hinder
What the old are over
Country in N. Europe by the Baltic Sea
Small, circular brown spot on fair skin
Flavorless food that makes up jello
Hanging piece of cloth used to cover the window
Michael , won an Oscar for Wall Street
In Nature, only the survive
Military troop that serves on horses
turtles have tiny yellow round spots
Wood or ethanol, derived from biomass
Organ is the shut down of essential organs

Puzzle 4

Modern Korean martial art similar to karate
Someone who keeps official records
Managua is the capital of
Hugely popular US beer, the King of Beers
Technology entrepreneur who died in 2011
Car piloted by the Dark Knight in the comics
Adding flavors using spices
The Nazi air force during WWII
Airplane, known for the hit White Rabbit
Believed to be the birthplace of Jesus
To work the land to grow crops

Puzzle 5

Germany’s largest battleship during WWII
A left-handed boxer
Armchair that leans back
Severe snowfall
Invertebrates including snails, slugs and mussels
First public performance
and gravy
Pass that allows you to enter the plane
A long fork is used in this type of meat cooking
Collection of foot soldiers in an army
Having a very bad reputation
Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction
Created the first cell phone in 1973
Pertaining to the written word
German luxury brand of your superior
Moving on the ground on all fours, like babies
Hard, long body part between the foot and knee