Group 480

Puzzle 1

Small generator, anagram of megaton
Actress cast as Rose in Titanic Kate
A hard worker
Squander money frivolously
Bon said by waiters after delivering meals
Captain Kathryn in charge of the USS Voyager
Golfing advisors and bag carriers
The Pied Piper of
Madagascar is a famous producer of this sweet bean
Drake water between S America and Antarctica
Female theatre performer
The bumpy bits on the top of waters
Standard unit of measurement of a food’s energy

Puzzle 2

To pull even in a chase
Fragrant purple flower used in sachets and soaps
Comedy sci-fi show with cat, android and hologram
Crafters who work with cast iron
Use these for making smoothies
Turkey-rearing Bernard
Exiled director who won an Oscar for The Pianist
Offerman and Mullally The Love Story Ever Told
Bog, swamp or marsh
Menial worker who is put upon, not a canine
State where Brad Pitt was born, abbreviation OK
Benjamin Britten opera about Queen Elizabeth I
Bird of prey Muppet
Curved lines around a phrase of text
Most well-known song from Bizet’s Carmen

Puzzle 3

Travelling, e.g. in a road vehicle
saving time, system of adjusting the clocks
Horse contest with hurdles or obstacles to cross
Homes on wheels to tow behind vehicles
Chewed something brittle
Tapping hands together to show appreciation
Quickly, swiftly
Someone who creates musical scores
Directed DiCaprio in The Quick and The Dead
Sea, part of the Med between Italy and Corsica
Bestowed a high honour on a gentleman
More full of beans than

Puzzle 4

Featured instrument in Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons
Collier coal miner
The two longest rivers in the UK Thames and
up, purse lips in anticipation of a kiss
port-wine stain
Carson McCullers novel The Heart is a Lonely
Angelique, 2018 female champ at Wimbledon
Took a brief rest
Scott, Gladiator and The Martian director
Red-wine coloured
shrimp, its legs resemble a praying insect’s
A reason for doing something
Real first name for Meghan Markle
Measure of how well a planet reflects solar energy
Sweet, such as fizzy drinks
Tiny islands
Her goose is
First name of actor who played Frasier Crane

Puzzle 5

Or two weeks
Water-based, breathable emulsion
He who wrote History is bunk
Cate Galadriel, Queen Elizabeth I, Hela
Moving feet illegally in basketball
Rock-and-roll beater used in a percussion section
Algarve city and tourist resort
Swimming stroke named after flying insect
Place for keeping things for future use
Amethysts, emeralds, garnets, diamonds
Reject, renounce, rebut
Carried along with information on trip sights