Group 479

Puzzle 1

Wonky, unbalanced
Breakfast at classic movie
Basketball player who begins game on the bench
Year of the Four 69 AD
pain, aches felt in an unaffected body part
Roman Catholic address to the virgin mother
Well supplied with water
Another name for a whirlwind of flames and ash
Time when crepuscular animals are active
Searching for wild food resources, e.g. mushrooms
Payard, pastry chef, luxury dessert creator
The image of Jesus on the cross
Autumn daughter-in-law of Princess Anne
Ugly buildings, blots on the landscape

Puzzle 2

Diluted with plenty of H2O
In Roman numerals, XC, or 100 minus ten
Raven-turned-dragon in Disney’s Maleficent
and spade, construction tools for sandcastles
Aviatrix Jean the Greta Garbo of the skies
Cecil diamond merchant in South Africa
Cirque du alternative Canadian circus troupe
wind, is the Japanese meaning of kamikaze
Piles of stones at a mountain summit
Small city car by Renault, anagram of towing
South African national park in Limpopo, Mpumalanga

Puzzle 3

Sea, body of water north of Scandinavia
Buyers and sellers
Ranking of strong competitors in a sports contest
Collagen in Jell-O
Space where things are packed or stowed away
DIY Cassette containing specially chosen songs
Self-punishment for sin, an act of devotion
German matured fruit and booze pud eaten at Xmas
Under the light of the night sky
Modern name of Black Sea city Trebizond
Drooping, shrivelling, through lack of water
Those who fight with words

Puzzle 4

Formal men’s outerwear of the 19th century
Italian-born seafood restaurateur
Ariel, Helvitica, Times Roman, etc. fonts or
Hold a drinking vessel by this, not near the rim
Flash Gordon’s main enemy, Ming the
Shocking, horrendous, terrible
Name of transvestite tour bus in a 1994 film
Red lamp at the rear of a vehicle
American Dad’s patriarch
Meritorious, worthy, commendable
Cuddly toy hit for Elvis in 1957
Village, Manhattan artistic/cultural district
Infants cry a lot when these are growing in
Organisms and their environment
Antony -Jones also known as Lord Snowdon
Herb, gives carthamin dye and oil from its seeds
Negatively charged atomic particles
Last section of a relay race
What plates get washed in

Puzzle 5

Late meals
President of the Second Continental Congress
Large wave caused by underwater earthquake
is crying, is lying line from 1981 ABBA hit
Flounced about in an arrogant manner
Wasteful person, a lazy spendthrift
glass, huge round vessel for drinking G&Ts
French afternoon newspaper respected globally
Top layer of e.g. water
Amount carried by a car, full capacity
Fake pill that mysteriously has an effect
Highest mountain in Wales Mount
maker, machine makes your fave movie snack
The Lady of Tennyson long poem
The highest prize in a lottery
Putting a plant into a suitable container