Group 478

Puzzle 1

Finster, Red-haired Rugrat
Weight, anagram of magneto
Decorate again, anagram of pertain
Tidal wetland with silt deposits
Cardinal Wolsey’s gift to Henry VIII Court
Expanded widthways
NE Indian state its capital is Imphal
Lohan, Herbie and Freaky Friday star
Food worker’s headwear
Captain America Co-Star, Jenna
Contraceptive drug developed in the 1960s
Series of US space probes no. 9 orbited Mars
Female parts of flowers
Outgrowing bony lumps on the big toes
Ordinary sailors, not officers
Julie Andrews film role Mary
Month named after Latin for door
Nasal adornment of a clown
Last name of last U.S. President to die in office
Type of bowling adopted by all cricketers
Band from Scotland big in the 70s Bay City
Having or understanding information

Puzzle 2

Carmen aria about bullfighting, The Song
Received payment for employment
Coffee grown at high altitudes
Queensland’s capital city
Elders anagram of instance
Marking postage stamps with an official imprint
To burn food
Diseases that animals can transmit to humans
Female comic superhero created by Roy Thomas
Valuable collector’s items from the past
Pursuing and tracking down deer
A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production
This is a virtue
They float in seas, sometimes bumping into ships
Putting plans on hold
The Big featuring The Dude
Maurice de French Fauvist artist of Red Trees

Puzzle 3

Broadsides, first copies of the US Declaration
One who fixes illnesses
Sandy flat floor of a basin that is dry
America’s most macabre TV family
Starts, inceptions, commencements
Increases in salary
nero, black cabbage in Italian, a type of kale
River whose mouth meets the Irish Sea in Liverpool
Friends in war
Brings up another’s child legally as one’s own

Puzzle 4

Display anger, seen in dogs or wolves
Tummy pains or to moan incessantly
Violet gemstone from Africa
Traditional Irish potato dish served on Halloween
What no money can buy
Radical socialist
Dangerous sliding of snow in the mountains
Knitting stitch with an offset pattern
Redheaded prop comedian
Unstable reactor incident in Ukraine in 1986
Basketball play where ball is moved to weak side
Sparked off
Highwire for walking along with a balance pole
Tang emperor with beloved consort Yang

Puzzle 5

Jamaican city with the Bob Marley Museum
Famous variety of black truffle
Spectral visitation
Young male chicken
A bird allusion to an athlete’s reach
World starring Chris Pratt
Range of items, including slippers, boots, etc.
Extracting oil with compressed water
Temperature when water vapor condenses into water
Haile Ethiopian emperor, aka Ras Teferi
Unwrapped a flag
The quality or state of being faithful exactness
Gauge that tells you how many miles are on a car