Group 477

Puzzle 1

Waterloo chorus lyrics I was you won the war
Editor of an anthology
Captain Ray Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andre
They come in chest, upright and walk-in types
Evergreen tree offspring
Announcement period of a school day
This animal is quick at jumping over a lazy dog
Pumpkins hollowed out and illuminated
Iconic Swedish accommodation built each year anew
Easily recyclable grocery carrier
Malcolm became Aussie PM in 2015
Body of water between Britain and Scandinavia
Nationality of wasabi hot paste
Mathematical rules expressed in symbols

Puzzle 2

Little Jack he sat in a corner
Leaks saliva like a dog
kiss, the rubbing of noses as a greeting
State of something illegally taken from another
Changeable, capricious, inconstant
Dust storms occurring in arid regions
Scott US ragtime pianist
Franklin’s NW Passage ship lost with HMS Erebus
John Australian PM during WWII
To lie languidly on a sofa taking up all the space
Sea that the Neva River empties into
Nationality of landscape painter Albrecht Durer

Puzzle 3

Infants’ viral illness anagram of aerosol
Something drawn, painted, maybe hung on the wall
Wiz rapper
Knocking down tenpins
Bumped into someone or hit wood with fist
Fruit jam for sticking marzipan to Christmas cake
-aggressive, manipulation over confrontation
Large courgette vegetables
horse, indoor equine for child riders
Taking plants out of grass

Puzzle 4

Astronaut who took a giant leap for mankind
Equine signifying death in the apocalyptic vision
Legumes in the Italian soup minestra di ceci
Contagious condition that causes gastroenteritis
The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon band
Substance of plant cell walls
Publication for children with tales
Italian island group between Corsica and Sardinia
To Brits it is a weatherboard to Americans a
Rising prices
Internal food processing
Ready to be used
Moving feet illegally in basketball
Tidal mouths of large rivers
Greetings from a trip sent without an envelope
Abstract painter Wassily
straps, thin shoulder straps on summery tops

Puzzle 5

Age of Michael Jackson at first solo number 1 hit
String goes through eyes/hooks in winter footwear
Reply, answer, retort
Haiti, Malaysia, and South Korea national flower
of Catan, board game
Man of Steel
Something done for symbolic effect only
She-Ra and the of Power cartoon
Decays, rots
Wrong in judgement or opinion
Birth town of Margaret Thatcher
Adrian Swiss designer, created Univers font