Group 474

Puzzle 1

Obsession with fire
Sport contest that consists of 10 different events
He investigates crimes
The act of obtaining government or corporate secrets
Painful skin lumps, mounds, inflammations
Eggs laid by chickens with access to outdoors
Sewing squares of fabric together to make quilts
Extensive online reference resource
Old Possum’s Book of Cats, by T. S. Eliot
What’s left of a sunken boat
List of activities on a trip
Wet weather garments
Bending down or squatting
man or woman supportive co-worker
In a disgusting, indecent manner
Nearest to the centre
Optimistically, encouragingly

Puzzle 2

Type of ball used by a fortune teller
They operate vehicles
Hand-thrown munition anagram of derange
Sword on a rifle
Smash to a thousand pieces
Placido one of the Three Tenors
Narrow-edged tooth made for cutting
First score in a tennis game
Crimson-colored alcohol, taken with cheese
An outfit worn to play a character
High plain, tableland, no longer rising

Puzzle 3

Little bowls for cigarette ends
A woman with brown hair
The one who yells cut on a movie set
A dream location
Can be smooched
Habitual greed or excess in eating
Long boats for romantic rides in Venice
and dealing bartering, trading
Changes something to improve it
There is no place
Occupational hazard of an apiarist
Altered to fit better
Stimulant found in coffee
Actor who played Forrest Gump
What slice puts on a tennis ball
It tracks the months in a year
Greek god of the sea, brother of Zeus and Hades

Puzzle 4

Something that is priced very high costly
Prank device with a rotten stench
Syndrome that can affect kidnapped people
Taken over, say, by a spirit
Notes sent home from a place you’re visiting
Glittery sphere that clubbers dance under
Word origin study
Small round yellow legumes for making hummus
An expert in science
Kerfuffle, disturbance
Person who fights crime without legal authority
Racing dog breed
Mountains covering 75% of Nepal

Puzzle 5

Leaping in the air
pin, for flattening pastry dough
Belly ladies with fast moves of hips and tummy
King, author of Misery, The Stand, It
Not slouching, sitting tall and straight
Verifier one who vets crossword clues
Scottish Highlands plant sold by Roma for luck
Cerebrovascular accidents, brain attacks
Enclose imprison
Spread out over a large area
Spears, Me Against the Music, ft. Madonna
Left the premises