Group 473

Puzzle 1

Openly, without any cares or restrictions
Stylish and modern
Hermès bag named after Jane
Spanish term for port
Water between Pacific and Arctic Ocean Strait
A stretching and tearing of ligaments
Small object worn to protect from evil, harm
An astronomical body orbiting a star
Beaded counting device invented in Ancient Sumeria
They’re on the skin of reptiles
Greek goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated
A hollowed-out space, often in a tooth
Footwear label that Victoria Beckham designs for
Magician’s headwear, with a rabbit inside
Caped superhero named Bruce Wayne

Puzzle 2

Murmurs, talks quietly
Organised ahead of time
Shortage undersupply
Mozilla’s free web browser
Switches to something else
The largest primate
Old English poem about the hero who slays Grendel
Shallow waters partly separated from the sea
Vehicles that carry coffins
Green fruit main ingredient in guacamole
Played Watson in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes

Puzzle 3

The feel of a surface, bumpy or smooth
Day of religious observance
Cloth insignias
Be financially successful
Bird like a martin, forked tail, lucky in Korea
A great victory
Noisily emitting air via your mouth
Part of the body between the chest and the hips
Cabin where the pilot flies the plane
Replies resolutions to questions
Sing-along entertainment created in Japan
Flame neverending fire for The Bangles
Venezuela’s capital and largest city
Film starring Anthony Hopkins of the Lambs
Leisure traveller

Puzzle 4

Steer a ship on a course
Close call
Franklin, First American and Founding Father
Crusoe, novel by Daniel Defoe
Tall, African mammals with extra long necks
Something left out
Potent green aniseed-flavored alcoholic spirit
Tight-fitting stretch pants
Collections of historical documents or records
Lois Lane’s love
Stimulant found in coffee and soft drinks

Puzzle 5

Profession whose word origin means star sailor
All good Bowie album
Emergency vehicle for the injured
Identity booklets for tourists
Book containing a list of people’s names & numbers
Gases discharged by vehicles
One who studies rocks
A breakfast staple that’s been cooked in hot water
A wide, often tree-lined street in a city or town
They watch over the sheep
Grouped closely together
Increase in prices reduction in purchasing power
To Frankfurt, Agatha Christie’s birthday tale
Much sought after Last Supper’s goblet
Contrast two things by placing them together
Deep cracks or fissures in a glacier
Doing quick, freehand drawings