Group 470

Puzzle 1

Human that can shapeshift into a wild canine
Canine used for herding animals
Fungal growth with a domed top
Sticking, gluing
With lots of money in the bank
Green, starchy banana that must be cooked to eat
Furry or knitted covers for the hearing organs
Bicycle taxi
Extend elongate
Place to secure your cycle
Transfer data onto a computer
Just a spoonful of sugar makes this go down

Puzzle 2

Itchy, red skin condition
Formally quit your job
Truly Madly Savage Garden’s biggest world hit
Seats attached to rope, found at the park
Goodness, morality, integrity
Darth Vader tells Luke he is his
Island, Chile’s possession in the Pacific
To act in the expected manner
These fruits grow on vines
Discrimination based on how old you are
Sharp utensils used in the kitchen
Sarah Jessica played Carrie Bradshaw
The hardened feet of horses

Puzzle 3

Seeker of change
Aunts, uncles, nephews
Mind-bending film about a dream within a dream
Sample, model of product before release
Ringing amplification of a sound
Relevant suitable
Greek philosopher, tutored Alexander the Great
A state of anxiety or nervous excitement
Something not made to last, not permanent
Opera famous for its La Donna e Mobile aria
beef, Chinese dish named after an Asian country
Cable-suspended seats carry people up mountains

Puzzle 4

Interview with the Tom Cruise Gothic horror
Members of the dog family
Austrian rolled pastry with apple filling
Fun, childish, spirited
The top layer
Knocking into
Seats fastened to the backs of horses
Religious war
Consolidated TV series sold as single units
reality, or VR, i.e. computer simulated
Direct telephone number for a specific cause
Capital of Sicily
Catastrophe of Greek proportions
Abstaining from food for a period of time
Contract provisos

Puzzle 5

All future generations
A swirling, watery vortex
Writing music or songs
Businesses corporations
Word that sounds the same as another (bear & bare)
Someone in charge of the well-being of others
Chief consort of Akhenaten in Ancient Egypt
Herbs added at the end to make a dish look nice
Upheaval or disaster, or violent flood
Someone attending shindigs, blasts, celebrations
Foxxy character played by Beyonce on film
Canadian actor who voiced Shrek