Group 468

Puzzle 1

The name of the rat’s human helper in Ratatouille
Meg Ryan’s partner in You’ve Got Mail
Another name for table tennis
Prejudiced about someone’s social standing
Luring someone with delicious food
Condition where skin, hair and eyes lack pigment
Math statement that shows that values are equal
Coffee extracted in small, concentrated amounts
To persuade
Creating artworks with oils or acrylics
Retriever dog breed with a black or yellow coat
Hanging woven beds often used while traveling
Aromatic herb that contains the names of 2 women
Newspapers that have celebrity gossip
A specialist in plant science
Famous brand of petroleum jelly

Puzzle 2

Live music event
Change the path or direction of something
Raw seafood dish with citrus juice and seasoning
Sending out light or heat
Plant from which the ancient Egyptians made paper
Time period when crops are collected
Medical term for German measles
Single pieces of thread or hair
Richard founder of the Virgin empire
A novel based on imaginary events and characters
Long wooden seats for the public
Small wheels anagram of actress
A pilot

Puzzle 3

Nobody wins when a game of chess ends this way
One of six babies from the same birth
Superman’s bespectacled alter ego
Hills made of grainy material found on beaches
Home of Peter Pan
Wishful thinkers, fantasists
Eight-legged sea creatures
Small round red fruit juice helps bladder issues
Unimportant, not serious
Musician who plays with a bow
Ritualistic offering
A sleeping area for visitors in your home
Bill Gates started this company

Puzzle 4

Comes after Thursday
Valentine and Proteus The Two Gentlemen of
Deep-rooted fear of something
FBI Special Agent Fox from The X-Files
Thin posts driven through the hearts of vampires
A type of music sung at a church service
Forms a country with Herzegovina
Pointless, fruitless, ineffectual
Guiding light
A TV show that makes the audience laugh
Disposable paper used while eating

Puzzle 5

Mouse-like household pets
Country bordering Ecuador on the north
Making from scratch
Blue gemstone, September birthstone
Place for medical care, surgery, emergency
Rebellions against authority, like on a ship
Line joining two opposite corners of a square
Car that runs on batteries, not gas
An opening, a hole or a gap
Love, Leona Lewis’s no. 1 hit
Decorative structure that spews water
His/Her Royal British royal family address
Short curved tubes to breathe while under water