Group 467

Puzzle 1

Winged angels that look like children
Kitchen appliance for making smoothies
One-eyed mythical giant
The guilty or not guilty decision by a jury
Figures made from icy precipitation
Bow-and-arrow sport
Chilli pepper spice powder used on deviled eggs
Scorn, contempt
Occasional and varied employment opportunities
Car, bus or truck
Engrossed, absorbed

Puzzle 2

Those who enter without permission
Someone who studies the past
How fast the breeze is blowing
She’s the Barefoot Contessa on TV
Type of home owned by those who tend the land
Gritty sheet used to rub down and smooth wood
To deposit powder on a flower so more can grow
Monologue one-person speech
Composer of the Emperor Concerto
Deep respect for someone
Uninterested, indifferent
Peter Parker’s alter ego
Flattening or crushing something
Persons guilty of lying under oath in court
Closeness, nearness, vicinity

Puzzle 3

media, such as Facebook, Twitter
Ideal, perfect state written about by Thomas More
Oak fruits fed to pigs that make Iberian ham
Stevie Motown hit-maker since the 1960s
Amount one is paid for a job
Country where El Dia de los Muertos is celebrated
Small thin object used to sew items together
Dark stuff in space that emits no light
Loves a lot
Chimney danced on roofs in Mary Poppins

Puzzle 4

Items like moisturizer, blush and eyeshadow
Voluntary gifts to charity
Nine-month period before a woman gives birth
Admits to a crime
Underwater vessel
Dye-filled capsule used to play a combat game
Mixture of substances once used to fire guns
Porous to fluids
Ejections of molten rock from a volcano
Something done spontaneously, unrehearsed
Crime novels
The hump in the middle of the work week
The power to give orders and make decisions
It’s eaten in the morning
Person who designs buildings
Photo-sharing app bought by Facebook in 2012
Holiday celebrated on December 25th
Water vessel propelled by vapor

Puzzle 5

We celebrate love during this month
Many pirates wear this accessory
Spelling board game with letter tiles
Capital of Belgium
Canteens, cooking rooms
Nickname of both boxers Robinson and Leonard
King of Ithaca, stayed 20 years away from home
A guess of how much the bill will cost
Walks unsteadily
Da Vinci painted this famous woman
Believing you are deserving of special treatment