Group 466

Puzzle 1

The process of throwing away something
Strays from the path
Weight loss activity that requires physical effort
Running order of music tracks to be broadcast
Green vegetable that resembles small trees
Kuala Lumpur is the capital of this country
Italian who carves the puppet Pinocchio
Ended, completed, terminated
They’re good for holding bubbles and for relaxing
Scientist who developed the theory of relativity
It flows down from your eye when you’re sad
Garment often worn before or after a shower

Puzzle 2

Substance in grains and wheat, some are allergic
Grassy land for grazing livestock
Accepting an offering
The month of August in Spanish
Supernatural, mystical, or magical practices
Futuristic comedy South American country
The red birthstones for July
Curved features on a building
Travel voucher
Meryl plays Donna in Mamma Mia!

Puzzle 3

Climate that is hot and humid, like in Bora Bora
Warning someone about a danger
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was one of these rodents
Slick jacket worn to repel water
Circular routes loops
Often stubbed, can be painted
Exemption from punishment
Publication of events from the previous 12 months
Greek god of the sea
Table container for wine

Puzzle 4

They take astronauts into outer space
Move in a circle on a central axis
One with a heated skull and rash temper
Left behind by spiders
Smallest planet in the solar system
Baseball hit that lets you round all the bases
Famous singer married to Jay-Z
Left without sufficient nutrition
Tapering stone pillar such as Cleopatra’s Needle
Oprah TV host and supporter of women’s rights
Period when day and night are of equal length
The violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd
Combination of musical notes pleasing to the ears
Weekly gambling game with numbered tickets
Look closely at something to check it’s ok

Puzzle 5

Nine is the square root of this number
Treasure sought after by Indiana Jones
All living homo sapiens, both male and female
Body of water between Alaska and eastern Russia
Street vehicle that sells meals
Scientific study of the universe
Wealth the state of having a lot of money
Customer-facing person in a financial institution
Aquatic animal considered the largest on Earth
Beatles album with zebra crossing on cover