Group 465

Puzzle 1

Money storage items
Superhero, punisher anagram of engrave
Becomes thinner
Alternatives, choices
Cooked under heat
It usually comes after a lightning strike
Siddhartha the Buddha
Element with the chemical symbol Li
A specialist in a particular branch of study
Those who use cigarettes and cigars
This writer penned A Christmas Carol
Eager to find something out, like a cat maybe

Puzzle 2

Covert activities of a government agency
Guilty people
Unable to defend oneself
star, meteoric sky flyer
Female lead in A Star is Born
A homeless canine
Hissy fits
An actual place a site
In very poor condition in a state of neglect
Very dark, concentrated and strong vinegar

Puzzle 3

Scale of temperature on which water freezes at 0°
Least agitated
Organized search for a criminal
Japanese paper-folding art form
More quickly
Women’s shirts
Country where the soup known as pho originated
Earth that is immediately beneath the surface
Join together, like two pieces of a puzzle
Spiritualist gatherings aiming to contact the dead
Tony Stark
Capital and largest city of Nova Scotia
TV show takes certain characters from an original
Crescent, area of West Asia where farming began

Puzzle 4

Hot, green Japanese paste served with sushi
Lily of the bloom linked to May in flower lore
Element with symbol is Na
Friendly ghost of children’s films
Serena Williams’ sport
Damaged, no longer functioning
Theologian Martin Luther’s nationality
Aquatic reptile with a hard shell
Where a king might live
Casual chatty conversation with malicious slant
Using only gestures to act something out
Machines that can be operated by remote controls
Tune, song a girl’s name
Colour of the submarine the Beatles sang about
Solid and bulky, like a heavy knit
Bring the memory of a past event to mind

Puzzle 5

Ball of ice that falls from the sky like rain
Self-assured and bold, assertive
Channing Tatum shows off his dancing in this movie
Country where Pope Francis was born
The one who directs an orchestra
Evil nemesis of Kai and Gerda in Andersen’s tale
Handbag item for burnishing tresses
High peaks
Not always
Dangerously loud ear-splitting
People who travel to work in the city
A type of aquatic flower found in lakes or ponds