Group 463

Puzzle 1

Ancient Roman road leading from Rome to Brindisi
Large white and furry inhabitant of the Arctic
Walking exercise machine
E.T. desperately wants to do this
Rough, noisy, playful behavior
Bittersweet jam made from oranges
Actor who played Luther, Stringer Bell in The Wire
Obsessive supporters
Stiff paper material that boxes are made out of
Oh, the weather outside is Let it Snow lyrics

Puzzle 2

Professional who selects and serves wine
Edible marine animals like crab or shrimp
Skill of managing international relations
The way in which a person lives
Wookiee from Star Wars
Spikey-topped yellow fruit
Housewives, the lives of Wisteria Lane’s ladies
Thin pasta served with meatballs
Love, fondness, liking, care
A person depicted in a novel or a play
Clock or watch to measure minutes, hours, etc.
Relating to plants
Demeaning, cheapening

Puzzle 3

Keep safe and sound, watch over
Canoe propellers
Shakespearean play that includes a witches’ spell
Dishonest like many politicians
Accept surrender
They are the walking dead
Getting stuck in this after leaving work is no fun
Yo-Yo Ma is a famous one
Media provider that originated The Crown
Kate Middleton is one

Puzzle 4

Kids nursery rhyme The Itsy Bitsy
Band of thin fabric worn tightly on the neck
Sweet and old-fashioned charming
You tend to this just outside your home
Capital of Colombia
Small, green fruits that go in martinis
The types of doves in The 12 Days of Christmas
Military exercises
Said of a fruit that has gone bad
Optical glass discs

Puzzle 5

1970s-style shoes with thick soles
Table game with rectangular dotted tiles
Something that causes inconvenience or annoyance
Wood-eating pests that live in colonies
Mary Mary Quite How Does Your Garden Grow?
Band known for their songs Yellow and Fix You
Italian cheese grated on pasta dishes
Conceited, with extreme sense of self-importance
Lessons that teach you how to tread water
To look after a residence while its owner is away