Group 461

Puzzle 1

A deep round dish for broth
Graphic display of events in chronological order
Noisy white birds found on beaches or coastlines
Shopper in a store
Reading something quickly
Successful singer or song-writer of popular music
Substance used to make a chemical reaction faster
Egg whites and sugar dessert cooked at low temps
To try out for a part in a movie
Those who watch a show or play
Items to wear

Puzzle 2

Standing yoga pose, or a soldier
These are used to feed babies milk
Word with the same meaning as another word
Made an estimate about how large a number is
What many water bottles are made out of
Lending a hand
Lady’s hairdo that looks like an insect’s home
Ocean where Hawaii is located
Not employed
Creature with eagle head and lion body
beans, Mexican or Tex-Mex staple

Puzzle 3

80s New Wave band fronted by Debbie Harry
Canine competition
City, fictional city in the Land of Oz
Exhibition space
An exact copy of something
They help you see better
They extract liquid from fruits and vegetables
Japanese warrior
A stop between flights before the next journey
Citrus fruits that make up part of a mimosa
Las Vegas and Monte Carlo have many of these
Dark green crispy stuff wrapped around sushi

Puzzle 4

One who corrects and revises text for publication
The book from which actors learn their lines
Famous river that flows through London
Earthquake rumble
Human soul, mind or spirit
You need one to get into a concert
Eat voraciously, gobble up
A female sibling
This Beatle imagined a hypothetical world

Puzzle 5

A system of parts working together in a machine
Gather and keep supplies in case of emergency
Long-distance running races
Protective outer layer of the skin
Gentle melodies to send babies to sleep
Made someone feel better
A place where a person lives
He could turn the things he touched into gold
Periodical such as The Guardian, New York Times
Small, rocky space objects that orbit the sun