Group 879

Puzzle 1

Comfortable seats with side supports
Extensive Buddhist temple in Central Java
Crystal Gayle song: Don’t It Make My Blue
Faster than trotting, but slower than galloping
Swiss skeleton chute at St Moritz
Playwright, writer for stage performances
Downslope drainage winds, e.g. in Antarctica
Slow water ride with inner tubes
The person given an award
Many tens of hundreds
High-end lightweight Intel laptop specification

Puzzle 2

Safe ; not in danger, out of harm’s way
Single-cell organisms also known as germs
White sauce made of flour, milk and butter
Gate to which passengers head before a flight
The Greek muse who presides over poetry
Spice sprinkled on top of a sweet glazed bun
Kelly, who won the first series of American Idol
The activity of buying goods or services
Return for a different size
Pale purple named after a sleep-inducing herb
US trees grown for pod-like fruit and ironwood
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up
Old-fashioned word for minister
Marcus ; England and Man Utd footballer
Song by Sarah McLachlan: I Will You
Harlequin focuses on these type of novels
Two battles in Georgia in the American Revolution
She played the role of Black Widow, Johansson
Lee Bad in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Sharp-edged abrasive for household cleaning

Puzzle 3

Person with an excessive fear of heights
Yakko, Wakko, Dot
Graceful classical ballet pose on one leg
Large island country down under
Leader of a tribal group
Britain’s Millennium Wheel
Holy fish including wahoos and Pacific sierras
En- food cooking style, literally in paper
Magical future-telling via fire
Potsdam summer palace of Frederick the Great
Speaking one’s thoughts out loud, on stage
A woman who performs magic, like a witch
Stress a point or put a straight row beneath text

Puzzle 4

Painting tools
Sofas, settees
Magical idea of casting evil through a dirty look
Mythical women with snake instead of hair
Another name for the hairy hedgehog or moonrat
War US battle film with Brad Pitt as a general
Fictional steampunk directed energy firearms
Famous Italian river crossed by Caesar in 49 BC
Shocker, describes a poor sporting performance
Name given to strands of saffron

Puzzle 5

Hannah German-born philosopher
Zodiac sign represented by a crab
Player who dishes out cards in a poker game
Charles Dickens wrote of the Artful
Surrealist sculptor Donati’s first name
Hecatoncheires were examples of such huge beings
Bring goods in to sell
A 1960s Alfred Hitchcock film about a motel
Disdains, mocks
Below the position of servants in grand houses