Group 877

Puzzle 1

Got rid of, like slavery
Person from the capital of Massachusetts
Pruning and tending to outdoor plants at home
Muck around, play the fool
Nationality of A Doll’s House playwright Ibsen
Smelly chemical released by animals for mating
Walter Payton’s NFL nickname
Timber-related superstition for good luck
Combat between Zeus and his father Cronus

Puzzle 2

Washing ceremony that purifies, like a baptism
Paré, French royal surgeon in the 16th century
chamber, an echoless place
Kiwi home to the 1950 and 1990 Commonwealth Games
Pilots and sunglasses
Nena sang about 99 of these red decorations
The of Broadway, 1949 Astaire and Rogers movie
Dutch father and son Renaissance painters
Tree-bark spice paired with apples
Comet with an orbit lasting less than 200 years
Strong seasonal winds in southern California
Lived through
Magic, sorcery

Puzzle 3

A flowery shepherdess
Open skin pore that has been clogged
Famous rascally rabbit
Hemerocallis flowers that only bloom for 24 hours
The 1972 crime film based on Mario Puzo’s novel
Feeling of being thankful and appreciative
He introduced Christmas cards to the world
French heroine who heard voices
Anna ; architect who invented the K-Brick
Flat cutout toy for kids to dress up
The surname of King Arthur, he wielded Excalibur
Mound of sweetness used in the past; a mountain
Rail disaster of 1879 near Dundee
Astronomer’s equipment for viewing planets

Puzzle 4

Dream ; Native American net to trap bad dreams
Creamy soup with clams, served with crackers
Style of food, also brand of lean meals
French Impressionist composer Claude
Shell Debra Stephenson’s Bad Girls inmate
Bram Stoker’s night-wandering villain
Ballet tells of a peasant girl’s love for Albrecht
Love nickname for chubby hips
Country that spawned the Rubik’s Cube
7 lamp stand used by Moses, symbol of Hanukkah
Eldorado Jones’ device to quieten plane engines
Payment system for retired employees
Planned course of diet or exercise
To be extremely surprised and taken aback
Boxed with another person
Capable of tension

Puzzle 5

James Cameron’s film about the Na’vi alien race
Dame Shirley singer of several Bond hits
Three main types are private, corporate or charity
out; end disappointingly
Nationality of surrealist writer Breton
Water separated from a larger source by a reef
Sheryl Sandburg book about grabbing opportunities
Divine mother in ancient Welsh mythology
Nickname of the monster in a Scottish loch
Something unusual
Cord of fibrous tissue attaching a muscle to bone
Ligament partner