Group 875

Puzzle 1

Icelandic parliament, the oldest in the world
Ancient Greco-Roman city, now Antakya
Crowe; Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky director
Dead Ringers impressionist Jon
Childish form of lying
Pirate ship
John Wesley Bob Dylan album of 1967
Wetlands with rushes, reeds and grasses
Turning from a solid to a liquid
Small domestic rabbit species with velvety fur
Red spice from the sweeter part of a ground pepper
Water bird known for its black and white feathers
Legendary bird that rose from the ashes
Bright and alive, like picture book illustrations

Puzzle 2

A state of not being able to feel pain
The inability to feel pain
E. coli cell, for example
Six-octave piano gifted to Beethoven in 1817
Part of a written letter that goes below the line
Lead singer of the Supremes, Dorothy in The Wiz
To set up, to initiate
Proverbial dessert, ashamedly eaten
Metis leader of the Red River Rebellion 1869-70
British ship sunk by Germans in World War I
Celebrate, enjoy oneself, let one’s hair down
His Dark Philip Pullman literary trilogy
Prose narrative on the mythology of the Vikings
This ape’s name means man of the forest in Malay
Ancient Roman plebeian counterpart
2002 Sam Mendes movie Road to
Ring-necked North American game birds
The pea-sized endocrine gland in the brain
Subatomic particles with the same mass as electrons
Sugared fruit stored in jars
A river flowing into a larger river
Berlin’s open-air Roman-style performance venue
Star Trek captains say engage this for speed

Puzzle 3

Wrist-wear with charms
The former way of starting a game of hockey
Religious attacks by Europeans in the 12th century
Extremely luxurious, self-indulgent
Type of toilet with water and a button or handle
Half-human, half-fairy creatures in Irish legends
Glass jugs filled with craft beer
Brian in Family Guy is this breed of dog
General name for women’s undergarments
An organelle containing degradative enzymes
Thatcher, UK Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990
Engage in some reflective mindfulness
One of Aesop’s fables: The and her Pail
The twin skyscrapers located in Kuala Lumpur
Semiaquatic mammal that lays eggs
Marjorie Kinnan based The Yearling in Miami
Spicy Thai dish made with scarlet peppers
Cash machine on a counter, for taking money
The nation situated just above England
Band who give you Everything You Want: Horizon

Puzzle 4

Frogs and salamanders are this kind of animal
Terrycloth body coverings found in nice hotels
Tabletop competition
Witches’ brewing pots
Actor Jesse known for Social Network, Zombieland
Christian rite with bread and wine
1944 Robbins ballet with Bernstein score
Wife of Arthur and lover of Lancelot
Jazz trumpeter covered When I’m Sixty-Four
Queen of Denmark, mother of Crown Prince Frederick
Shallow glass holder for agar and bacteria
Roy’s white tiger Las Vegas double act partner
Water boiler for a caffeinated drink
City and port in central Norway

Puzzle 5

Brighton and Hove ; southern England footie side
Hot Yoga; restorative poses for 90 minutes
Country that’s home to poutine and maple syrup
Over; 1997 bestselling album for Shania Twain
Poet cofounder of Surrealism Paul aka Grindel
bender, rhyming minor car crash
Story told in books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Chickpea and tahini dip
Type of horse formerly used in chasing foxes
cover, the seal for home-made preserves
Permanent metal fasteners with smooth heads
Rural, with simple, countryside charm
Written text of a play
to your leader, say aliens landing on Earth
Military ditch