Group 874

Puzzle 1

Alexander Hamilton’s frenemy and killer
The large Cambodian temple dedicated to Vishnu
A form of programmed cell death
The book character Conan was called this
The capital of Catalonia
Fuel-burning tool with an intense flame
Brown, cocoa-based sauce to top ice cream
Casual work attire for Fridays
The family sitcom set in 1980s Jenkintown
Winning the four major tennis or golf titles
Bid from a live auction, e.g. not on the telephone
Photo-sharing site with camera logo
Movie starring David Bowie in a maze
The fear of new or unfamiliar things
Out of bounds, beyond what is permissible
Legal branch relating to inventors’ rights
Monarch; furniture style with curved legs
To restock the supply or restore something
Loki is known as this in Norse mythology

Puzzle 2

Is the reason something happens
Halley’s and Hale-Bopp
Child of one’s aunt
Sonoran, Namib, and Gobi are examples of one
Sunday the meal served after Christian church
Tribute, remembrance at funerals
Majestic Norwegian water inlets
Style or medium something comes in
A place where vendors gather to sell goods
Sheen, West Wing actor, father to Charlie
and Margarita, tale of Russia by Bulgakov
Riverdale and The Sun Is Also A Star’s Charles
Illegal practice of offering cash for airplay
What a horse did when it stood on its hind legs
Swifties love her album Lover

Puzzle 3

Tacky film or coating that sticks things together
Plant ingredient in lotions, sunburn remedies
Scuba diving regulator device, introduced in 1943
Approach to life, way of behaving
Capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Plant- planned development of better species
An example of one would be gin rummy
Soft wool for sweaters and blankets
Quilted facial and toilet tissue brand
When ; 1984 Prince hit about weeping birds
Dash to find buried yellow ore
US and Australian dash to find buried yellow ore
The study of time’s measurement
Thriller film series with Keanu Reeves as hitman
Ghost or something else felt but not seen
Comet, Cupid, Dasher or Dancer
Olympic winter sport, or a bunch of bones
In the arms of Morpheus
Nuclear fusion device using gaseous plasma
He wrote Bonfire of the Vanities

Puzzle 4

Márquez novel: Love in the Time of
Yellow orange tinted quartz believed to bring luck
African country on the Red Sea, capital Asmara
Williamina she ranked stellar spectra
Occurs, takes place
Fly larvae
tape, used by decorators to protect paintwork
Freddie of Queen
Muscle that assists in circular motion
Female canine that raised Romulus and Remus
In Game of Thrones, what Grey Worm wasn’t

Puzzle 5

The Poseidon 1969 Paul Gallico disaster novel
Beatles song about a creature learning to fly
Working equine that pulls a trailer
A mild word substituted for an offensive one
Fiord, Norway’s picturesque tourist site
The Grand National or the Belmont Stakes
Behavior that goes against high-held principles
It holds frozen cubes on a cocktail cabinet
Clothes made to mimic designers’ originals
Script and music writer for Hamilton, Miranda
spoons, for weighing out small quantities
Board game or Agatha Christie play
If something is a dime a dozen
Acrobatic performance art on a vertical bar
Spielberg made a movie about his list
Muslim founder of the Timurid dynasty
Sending and receiving messages with the mind
Having a personality of determination and vigor
Elements subject to change in an experiment
The World of Disney, TV show