Group 873

Puzzle 1

He’s the friendly ghost from the Harvey Comics
lens, layer added to optical devices
Nicolas Cage film about prisoner flight
Light switch that lowers the brightness
An Indian man known for his nonviolent philosophy
Green, where runaways get spliced over an anvil
Quartz aggregate that is a birthstone for March
Ran the pavement
Kreme, North Carolina doughnut company
Richard Dean Anderson TV show set in the Old West
Doctor’s assistants
A series of eight notes in a musical interval
No longer performing at one’s best
Plant tissue that carries nutrients through it
Extremely ornamental art style of Goya and Watteau
Underground pipes that transport waste
Tibetan who guides climbers in the Himalaya
Bull or horoscope sign for April-May births
A faun in the world of Narnia

Puzzle 2

Danish author of The Emperor’s New Clothes
The decade of big hair, the walkman and MTV
Protective guard worn on a skater’s arm
January festival, the start of Carnival in Germany
In a fatal way
Greek god whom the drug morphine was named after
Getting paid extra for working more than usual
Alcoholic drink made from Chinese grains
European area with no checks at mutual borders
Poet with a statue in Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt
These wives are scarily perfect in classic film
Japanese sauce made of soy sauce, sugar and ginger
Horses with one horn
Speedy painting method using layers of moist paint

Puzzle 3

Subtitled, words beneath a foreign-language film
St. Peter’s Basilica is the world’s largest
Someone competing in a championship
Underdog with an outside chance
What an aspirin does in a glass of water
2011 novel by the Kardashian sisters
Barbra Streisand’s love theme from A Star is Born
Bulb that illuminates the road from a car
Book: How to Win Friends and People
Family name of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion
A mammal that carries her young in a pouch
Prayed For You country singer
Highest mountain in the Alps, with a white peak
Greenish nut in a hard-to-split shell
Monetary reward for winners
Thwarted from playing a shot in a game like pool

Puzzle 4

Types of synthetic paints used by artists
Forest region in Meuse and Moselle valleys
Huge floor cushions
Belinda solo singer, formerly a Go-Go
Ceremonial cart pulled by horses
Mixture of two separate substances into one
Most crunchy chip
Officially no longer married
Aretha Benjamin Rosalind
GOAT stands for of all time
Ghosts, spirits, night-wanderers in Welsh folklore
Nike’s famous slogan
A genre of Mexican music, a band
This is a person’s build, shape, appearance
2015 movie and a dead person come back as a ghost
Jim, Melchett’s pigeon in Blackadder Goes Forth
Christian devotees who live and pray on pillars
Understanding someone else’s feelings
Alice Walker classic book and movie: Purple

Puzzle 5

Alphabetically first of the four corners states
What happens when two pots are hit together
Dogs like Snoopy
Sir Thomas owner of Austen’s Mansfield Park
Another name for the Sasquatch or Yeti
Longing, desiring, hankering for food
Person hired to manage a museum collection
Oxygen, gold and calcium are each one
far away I will always love you sings Adele
This Marvel villain’s real name is Max Eisenhardt
First black president of South Africa
Half woman, half fish
Broken pottery with a written inscription
Ceramics, such as blue-and-white Delft
Italian anise liqueur often added to coffee