Group 872

Puzzle 1

Professional risk managers
Bracelet without dangling symbols; a rude person
Long line of columns supporting a roof
William the Medieval king born out of wedlock
A place where a foreign country’s diplomats work
Tea is sometimes made from this flowering weed
Friday; wear casual clothes to work once a week
Julius Caesar’s final utterance, in the play
Carbon allotrope informally called a buckyball
Son of Meg Ryan; played Marvel in The Hunger Games
This Paul had Wings and Lonely Hearts Club bands
Body of water created by a meandering river
Former name of Harare, capital of Zimbabwe
Canadian steampunk TV series about Abnormals
Mimic martial arts movements without contact
One who gets pregnant for another couple
Bonjour book by the precocious Françoise Sagan

Puzzle 2

South American llama relative
Groups of witches
Outer edges of a slice of bread
Outer edges of bread slices
Plan showing the proposed look and function
Company that made wearable tech called Glass
Keir first UK Labour Party leader
Finish city of an Antipodean Boxing Day yacht race
Fighting Joe, assigned to the Army of the Potomac
He sat on a wall then had a great fall, Dumpty
Boy with wax wings that flew too close to the sun
Mauritius is located in this ocean
Japanese culture of cute
Tony , John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever role
Absent- professor, eccentric literary character
Facts knowledge imprint of Infobase Publishing
Tax returned to earner for overpayment
Oldest character in The Golden Girls
Piggy mammals with long noses; anagram of a strip
Beautiful ; Pink’s 2017 chart-topping album

Puzzle 3

High-fat, green fruit used to make guac
Bond villain, Ernst Stavro
Greatest Bond villain
A thick creamy soup containing fish or clams
together; prepared in a hurry
Front interior section of a plane
Ancient Greek silver coin
Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt’s home nation
Archbishop of Canterbury’s London home: Palace
Area for exercising horses
Factory large-scale production methods

Puzzle 4

One person who helps another commit a crime
Dutch-origin language spoken in South Africa
A celebrity or admirer’s signature
Biblical punishment of fire and this
Jesus had this vocation before preaching
Steed’s first-ever leather-clad sidekick
French fruit and batter pastry made with cherries
Got pregnant
Red-suited fearless Marvel superhero
2005 Tim Roth remake of Japanese horror
Janet ; Stephanie Plum series novelist
These include push-ups, squats
One who plays the six-string
The observation wheel located on the River Thames
africana; Latin name for African bush elephant
Chinese toy dog breed with long black and tan hair
Allowing matter or liquids to pass through
Another name for the huge hairy man called Bigfoot
He’s the mastermind behind Scream and Swamp Thing
Devices that turn blowing air into energy

Puzzle 5

A story that symbolically addresses current issues
Slang for a large noisy party that can turn ugly
Ancient Rome’s adversary in the Punic Wars
Hound of Hades, three-headed dog
Sauteed, seasoned bread cubes
Game blocks with dots on their faces
Distilled petroleum fuel used for lanterns
The X-Men mutant who shapeshifts into other people
Type of bird also called a passerine
A raised surface that people can stand on
Metal more precious than gold, symbol Pt
Audio episodes about different interesting topics
Round cabin window on an ocean liner
in Blue, Gershwin classical-jazz composition
Zodiac symbol for most November birthdays
Japanese mushroom that grows on decaying trees
Twisted, wrenched, e.g. a ankle