Group 871

Puzzle 1

Less clear, less defined
Method for dividing larger numbers
Willow Smith is Will and Jada’s
Photographer and poet muse of Picasso
Language-learning app with logo of an owl
Charlotte Brontë’s novel about a governess
A mammal that is covered in overlapping scales
Son of a Man’, 1968 Dusty Springfield hit
Day of week named for a Roman god of agriculture
Mechanisms for firing guns
or Ulster cycle; branch of Celtic mythology
Use a board with a sail to do this
Natural area with trees, anagram of download

Puzzle 2

Host city of the 2008 Olympic Games
Rock singer from New Jersey, wrote It’s My Life
Holes that let you to see images on the next page
Partner to glitz in Hollywood
Mythical, griffin-like Wonderland character
Not on the internet
Son of Apollo and Calliope who played the lyre
Scent marketed toward women
Mythological founder of Rome, twin of Remus
Tecumseh, 1812 war ally, was leader of this nation
Classifications of animals or plants

Puzzle 3

Art of simulating movement via stop motion perhaps
Stop-motion creation for budding filmmakers
Catholic method of religious instruction
Media company that publishes Vogue magazine
Losing light, like the night sky over time
Dick from Wacky Races
Feeling of faintness or as if you’re about to fall
Armed forces insignia worn on the shoulder
Geoffrey de British aircraft designer
Surname of the author of the Scarlet Letter
Undercover detectives Crockett and Tubbs’ show
A pleasurable diversion for the brain
Wicked or evil
Slicked hairstyle of Prince and Little Richard
Aged Italian cheese, sometimes comes in pear shape
Faceplate showing what station is playing in a car
Angelica’s song at the wedding in Hamilton
Race-timing device
Research body that considers ideas for policies
City-state that’s the Crown of the North in Faerûn
Famous Irish glass crystal maker
Tree that supports the universe in Norse mythology

Puzzle 4

Six Pirandello characters searched for one
Camera hole through which light travels
Fictional mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean
Mythical sunken island mentioned by Plato
Hard Italian almond cookies aka cantucci
The nucleotide that binds with guanine
Pink Floyd’s eighth album, The of the Moon
3 Feet High and Rising hip hop duo
Paint or wallpaper a room
Hot period of weather, usually coming unexpectedly
Pistol holders
Casual, relaxed
The Great Wave off by Katsushika Hokusai
Thistle-like meadow plant with purple flowers
Surname of the actress who played Katniss Everdeen
Busiest time of day for commuting
Manic Magee by author Jerry
Comic-book hero who wears a red cape
This TV detective was a high school student

Puzzle 5

Talk tediously about something
Underground living space for animals
Fancy food made of sturgeon eggs
French company whose No. 5 is popular abroad
The Latin for swan
Three ; short Beethoven trombone works
To release air from your lungs
Hill; miseducated former Fugees singer
He invented alternating current electricity
The chemical element important for breathing
Seals that take on human form in Orkney legend
Comparative figure of speech using like or as
Loud sound made after a nose is tickled
Group of three Russian rulers
Foresight or dream; surrealist’s inspiration