Group 870

Puzzle 1

Drew actress who founded Flower Beauty
Whale nostrils on the top of the head
Treat baked in a ringed pan, with German name
Pet Shop Boy, alongside Neil Tennant
Mark found above a letter that changes its sound
Bhutan has the world’s highest average one
The study of one’s family tree
Safe mealtime seat for an infant
Chart that displays data grouped into ranges
Screen background image

Puzzle 2

Mythical half man, half snake first King of Athens
Sculptors’ tools for carving wood or stone
Three-headed Ancient Greek personification of time
Hope springs partial quote by Alexander Pope
Morgan, who plays Red in The Shawshank Redemption
Australian hard rock band fronted by Brad Marr
Frequency of normal credit card payments
Aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright’s brother
A German baked pastry shaped into a knot
A description of a person found on social media
Military fighter
The art of trimming trees or hedges into shapes

Puzzle 3

Small rock-like object that orbits the sun
Personal storage for your home library
Summoned, especially spirits
Legendary golden city sought by conquistadors
Henry author of Tom Jones
Carthaginian general who marched across the Alps
Julio Spanish crooner of Begin the Beguine
The ability to do mathematics
System of faith and worship
Luke and Leia’s saga, introduced in A New Hope
Luke and Princess Leia’s saga

Puzzle 4

Lights, action!
Indian board game played with small wooden disks
A Lee Daniels show starring Taraji P. Henson
Country that celebrates Bastille Day
Younger brother of Ludwig van Beethoven
This nation’s flag was the first at the South Pole
Flower associated with virility in ancient Greece
Pounding tool used with a mortar in a kitchen
Liquid in blood that carries cells through veins
The magic word when asking for somerthing
Home of a religious community, convent, monastery
Pink fish that is a staple of a bear’s diet
Scleras of the eye

Puzzle 5

Birth name of Wiz Khalifa, also actress Diaz
Kind of call to find actors
Capital city of Illinois; broadway musical
Hard stone used in kitchen countertops
Noise made by werewolves on seeing the Moon
Giorgio 70s disco producer of Donna Summer
In Greek myth, the river that surrounds the Earth
Ground spice from dried red fruits of bell pepper
Natural powder hue used in paint and cosmetics
Having subtle diplomacy