Group 869

Puzzle 1

Ancient Greek settlement built on a hill
Fluid dynamics scientist with airflow principle
A creamy cheese named after a village in Normandy
January’s birth flower
Curved swords swung by pirates
Contestants on Project Runway
Christian ritual of consecrating bread and wine
Musical tempo-keeping device
Board game featuring the character Cavity Sam
Walked on by celebrities at film premieres
Plain on which Stonehenge lies
1960 epic starring Kirk Douglas as a Roman slave
Someone who works for free
Fanciful and playful

Puzzle 2

She wrote Pride and Prejudice
File format for storing multiple digital images
A maraschino one tops a sundae or cocktail
Medusa’s mythological species
Layer of the Earth below the crust
Roman maiden loved by Cupid, hated by Venus
Stinky, odorous
Flying movie with Tom Cruise
No mountain high enough, ain’t no low enough

Puzzle 3

Very wealthy and prosperous
A puffed-out hairstyle made famous by Jackie O
Cognacs, French drinks
Quick, sharp response, from Ja Rule song
A mineral found in teeth, symbol is F
Famous dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome
A surgical cut of the skin or flesh
Movie that won Emma Stone the Best Actress Oscar
Shared name of Titanic actor and Italian artist
In Greek mythology: Helen of Troy’s husband
Parrot on Dominica’s national flag
Inner might and power
Alphabetically, the last country in the world

Puzzle 4

Green fruit used in guacamole
Left to one’s own unsupervised
Scottish water spirits
Gerard Butler film, Has Fallen
South American river that flows through Venezuela
Cold-blooded animal common in deserts
ABBA’s nationality
Uber-devoted fan of Stephenie Meyer’s series
Most of the time
Wife to John, mother to Sean Lennon

Puzzle 5

The world’s biggest snake
Alphabetically first daughter of Oedipus, Jocasta
Sales involving bidding
The flowers on trees in the Springtime
Guardian angel in It’s A Wonderful Life
Edible snail dish found on a French menu
Warrior title; son of power in Celtic tradition
Intense headache also known as hemicrania
She helped discover DNA’s structure, Franklin
The woman who helped discover DNA’s structure
Gambling game involving a wheel and a ball
Draco Malfoy’s son, friend of Albus Potter
To turn the hand so that it faces upward
Chilean-American Slayer vocalist