Group 866

Puzzle 1

Flexible connective tissue that forms shape of ear
Round yellow legumes that are the basis of hummus
What meteorologists give on the news
Singer of Firework, I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream
Roberts and MacLaine friendship flick Steel
A DC Comics term for a person with powers
The probable outlook or likely outcome
Sculptor in Greek mythology, or Shaw play
Sedimentary rock made of quartz or feldspar
Long parasites in the class Cestoda
The Wizard of Oz, novel by L. Frank Baum

Puzzle 2

Greek mythology hero with a weak heel
Official language spoken in Yerevan’s country
Dish made with cabbage and mayonnaise
Old mother Hubbard went to the
Choose furniture and paint a room
With Hearts, the red suits in a deck of cards
Bible, modern English version of the text
1066 battle
Bring a Torch, Isabella
Emily ; Criminal Minds FBI special agent
Wall-mounted planks used for storage
pads, added width to 80s power suits
Visually pleasing or in proportion
Nature, including birds, animals, insects

Puzzle 3

To drop criminal charges by an innocent verdict
Become visible
Margaret author of the sequel The Testaments
James Cameron’s most expensive movie
This bug is underground for years before emerging
Dome-shaped vaulted roof
A mythical humanoid creature that causes mischief
Woman’s top that ties behind the neck
Trudeau who became Canada’s prime minister in 2015
Lore says that she was Adam’s first wife, not Eve
Broadway superstar; fictional sea male
Jules French choreographer of La Esmeralda
Parts of acts in a play
Plant-based sugar substitute
horse; malware spread by clicking on fake links

Puzzle 4

West Indian topical song
The opposite of convex
Long-necked animal native to Africa
Mythical eagle with body of a lion
Funeral attendee, one who grieves
An arch enemy or adversary
Three-leaved herb popular as a garnish
Extreme politician or an equation in calculus
Happy face emojis

Puzzle 5

Software to prevent malicious attacks
Librarian who keeps track of historic records
System that helps someone fly a plane
Twins, born on the same day but different years
Arcade shooter named for a multi-legged arthropod
Lawbreakers, those who do wrong
Time Lord who made a comeback in the 2000’s
Magic invisibility mist used by ancient Irish gods
Tiny bird with flame head feathers
Currently holding office
Someone currently holding office
Sedimentary rock used to make concrete
Mythical Arthurian land near the Scilly Isles
US state, the site of Roswell
Jolly, morale-boosting song sung by sailors
Weaver, actress of Alien
Midweek 24 hours named after the Norse god Odin