Group 865

Puzzle 1

Lennon, McCartney, Starr, and Harrison
Becoming sore because of rubbing
Iron to add volume and rounded bounce to hair
room, formal place to entertain guests in
Policy allowing reproduction of copyright material
Painter for Henry VII: Hans the Younger
Cleared barriers on the track or metaphorically
Song sung to a baby to encourage sleepiness
Paul Verhoeven’s mechanical crime-fighter
A young tree
Erna, who became Norway’s PM in 2013
Large desert lake between Ethiopia and Kenya
First name of Russian abstract artist Kandinsky

Puzzle 2

Feral feline that prowls between streets
Keyboard character made by typing Shift 8
Region of Italy containing the province of Naples
Netflix show about grownup Karate Kid
Clive Cussler’s fictional marine adventurer
Amphibious power-up costume in Super Mario
Mel Gibson western or an unorthodox person
Gaga fans are called Little
Hard, yellow, Italian cheese
Put a turkey or ham on these large serving dishes
Arthur Miller wrote about the death of one
The flexible appendage of an octopus
US fashion designer who edited Vogue, 1972-87
Likely to explode with lava

Puzzle 3

Ballet position, 1 leg raised, the other on point
Rapidly expanded or inflated
Rowboat steerers
Space shuttle that took many flights
Pivotal battles in N Africa in 1942
An event that requires immediate attention
Adding someone on Facebook
Connection of electricity supply to the earth
Persian-style residence built by P. T. Barnum
Hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, & cashews all together
Whooping cough
What Mr Claus wears to deliver Christmas gifts
Movie about a tornado filled with sharks
Mushroom with a stem and umbrella-shaped cap
Spotted red mushroom found in fairy tales

Puzzle 4

The x-axis or horizontal coordinate
Southern African tropical woodland region
A colleague at the office you work in
The gradual decline in memory and problem-solving
Long, curved Polish saber
Coastal wetlands rich in sediment
Examples include Stuff You Should Know, Serial
Save these proofs of purchase for the accountant
The bottomless pit of the Underworld
Movie and book series with vampires and werewolves
Plastic horn, sonic scourge of the 2010 World Cup
Y in DIY

Puzzle 5

Olympic sport of throwing a heavy plate
Fuels made from coal or gas, for example
The Goblin King who tests Sarah in the Labyrinth
Michael Jackson is starting with the man in this
Subtract 10 from 100
Hue traditionally worn by royalty
What is given when saying grace or blessing food
A city in Arizona; a crossover SUV
A fellow of infinite jest, of excellent fancy