Group 864

Puzzle 1

Dripping substance that drops from around a wick
Southern US staple eaten instead of biscuits
Structure that holds back the Colorado River in US
Board game with the aim of catching rodents
It’s obligatory to learn how to spell this word
Edges of shadows cast by objects
Lizard-human hybrid of conspiracy theories
Relating to lizards and snakes
The great dane who solves crime with Shaggy
Tale of the journey of Bilbo Baggins
Guns N’ Roses welcome you to it

Puzzle 2

Country where wiener schnitzel originated
A giant, round chair that you sink into
Mood condition previously called manic depression
Broadway show, movie about murderous women
Version of perfume, usually for men
Key entry to direct a computer to complete a task
What most people don’t do to photos any more
1 billion years of pressure forms this stone
Mother of a father
Cocktail that Bond prefers shaken not stirred
Lolita author
Air that moves away from a storm system
Parcel, wrapped box sent in the mail
Packhorse, mule or donkey used for carrying goods

Puzzle 3

Flying machine
Birthstone for February
Realistic infant doll made by Zapf Creation
Catch a wave without a board
Good-natured elves; rich chocolate desserts
Book inscription indicates publisher, date of work
Sugar found in fruit
Proverbially, it’s the best medicine
Reduce the seriousness of something
Marine mammal similar to a dolphin
Proposed anti-ballistic missile program, 1977 film

Puzzle 4

Old story or poem set to music
Yellow fruit that is botanically a berry
A cavalry unit does this toward the enemy
Underwater reefs at risk of bleaching
1994 Tim Burton movie about a B-movie director
National airline of Indonesia
Element used to make balloons float
One who is making out
Area that houses the vocal cords
The novelist whose real name is Eric Arthur Blain
Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends
Stieg Larsson wrote about a Girl with a Dragon one
Central American, big-beaked bird

Puzzle 5

Person who has chosen religious solitude
Sport with shuttlecocks
Veronica Roth novel about society based on virtues
Star of La La Land, Zombieland, Easy A
Latin motto meaning ever upward
Board or body that runs things
Women’s undergarment shaped like a hip cage
Gloomy nickname of Beethoven’s 14th piano sonata
Related to Mars, Venus, Mercury, etc.
Dish combining turkey, chicken, duck
Not hurt during an accident
Arguing, or herding horses