Group 863

Puzzle 1

Old-timey steam powered organs
The irrational fear of one’s home
RuneQuest mythological fantasy world
Sought-after treasure in Arthurian legend
Violent and intense tropical storm
18th-century British captain and explorer
Inflammation of the cornea of the eye
Mythical, fabled
Louisa May Alcott’s sequel to March sisters’ tale
Maria first Native American prima ballerina
Downward facing part of a leaf

Puzzle 2

Commander Data; operating system
Place that makes, sells beer
Carnivorous plant named after Venus
Thin swords with sharp point, as used in fencing
Print an album for the 2nd time
Gaelic end-of-harvest festival
Tall tower on a church roof
Subtly dying hair
Novel by James Joyce published in 1922
First name of ghoulish classic horror actor Price

Puzzle 3

She killed the Night King in Game of Thrones
William I or Mehmed II
Fingers and toes, the first things to freeze
Covered in plumage
Swedish producer of sewing machines and motorbikes
Food that was not eaten the day before
US island 30 miles from Cape Cod
The imaginary island where Peter Pan lives
Traditional golf trousers
Lung condition, can be double
Failed satellites and other debris left in orbit

Puzzle 4

In Jeopardy, the question is the
Hindi word for India
Loose floor length jacket, first worn by horsemen
Name for people invited to a wedding
Cherry-tasting brandy from Central Europe
Sixpence None the Richer hit in She’s All That
1954 film, Creature from the Black
Business up front, party in the back hairstyle
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic
Sell goods on the street
Fleshy part hanging down from a turkey’s neck

Puzzle 5

Pretty lady who makes movies, raises six children
Tomb Raider who makes movies, raises six children
Dido’s city of antiquity near modern-day Tunis
Type of saw with a round cutting blade
Gave his name to a unit of electrical resistance
Jim Lovell’s book about failed Apollo 13 mission
A fruit and China’s standard language
Choose-your-own sweets at the cinema
Regulations that governments put in place
George Gershwin wrote one in Blue
Developer of The Simpsons with Brooks and Groening
The Tamaran-born princess in DC’s Teen Titans
Colombian cake made with alcoholic drink
Creased, lined, crumpled