Group 861

Puzzle 1

A blade found at the end of a rifle
Knife that’s a weapon and a way to load a gun
Brown syrup often used on ice cream
Switch from one to another with a TV remote
Vast areas of rule
A collective word for plant leaves
Leaves, branches and twigs
Mogwai turns into this evil being if it gets wet
In Greek myth, swimmer of the Hellespont
Two-way radio for hearing baby from another room
Transforms, evolves
Tails are often found performing this motion
Tails can be seen performing this motion
Game of chance with five dice

Puzzle 2

World’s oldest parliamentary building in The Hague
Country music sub-genre with stringed instruments
Common area outside, surrounded by buildings
Magical sword of King Arthur, pulled from a rock
Stories of phantoms and hauntings
Raphael chronicler and source for Shakespeare
Director of Atonement and Darkest Hour
Russian state space flight corporation
Bread made using a fermented mixture
Evil corporation in the 90s show The Pretender
Roy of ; British football comic strip
Title for an Anglican Archdeacon in Catholicism
Tranquil, Japanese-style outdoor space

Puzzle 3

Belgian forest, site of the Battle of the Bulge
Rotating airport machine, or classic musical
Three-headed dog who guards the entrance to hell
Venue of first Winter Olympics, in France in 1924
Crustaceans that sing in tale of abandoned girl
Godsmack album with 2 Grammy nominations
The storage form of glucose in animals
Variety of pasta shaped like narrow tubes
Video game kingdom ruled by Princess Peach
Woman carrying a baby
One variation of many of how a situation could go
Flying hero from Krypton
Sorting patients to decide the treatment priority

Puzzle 4

What the French call a wardrobe, cabinet
Where Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes play
Author of Our Mutual Friend and Little Dorrit
Illustrating scenes of a picture book with a pen
Sport with a pole, line, hook and body of water
The L in a website’s URL
Cellular division process in sexual reproduction
The process of cell division in humans
An eyeglass for one eye
Most woody-tasting wine matured in barrels
Contaminate the ocean or rivers
Before iTunes, we bought vinyl, albums, LPs, 45s
Medieval Christmas drink of hot mulled cider

Puzzle 5

Acclaimed sequel to Ridley Scott scif-fi film
The material of kendo sticks
LA neighborhood the Fresh Prince reigned over
Opera about a Spanish soldier seduced by a gypsy
50s gang name; curtains
Removed particles from household surfaces
Dense brunch cake
Black widow or brown recluse
Group of lines in a poem forming a verse
Mariana in the Pacific is the deepest on earth